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  * Fujii: 16-18   * Fujii: --(16-18)-- 17-18

Agenda/Minutes of the VIS Meeting on 2019/4/12

2019/4/12 13:30 - 14:17

Zoom Meeting


Progress report

Schedule Chart

Site work schedule: [[|XLSX]]

Type-A : (PDF/MPP)

Type-B: (PDF/MPP)

Type-C: (XLSX)

Type-A (Takahashi)

Past week report

  • Monitoring of IXV and EYV during the cool-down.
  • Healthy check of EXV after the CRY work.

Plan for coming weeks

  • Investigation of ACCs in Y-front (4/24-25?).

Type B (Mark)

Report for the week of 4/8

  • Mark made lots of Guardian improvements:
    • Used Guardian's timer functionality to drastically reduce the number of notifications during ramping.
    • Added new requestable states DCCTRL_ONLY and NEUTRAL (and associated transitional states) to facilitate testing.
    • Tidied up the code to use tabs consistently throughout for indentation.
    • Disabled the test for the IM-H coil driver WD (to work around the fact that only the relay in the chassis has been disabled, not the WD signals going to the BIO).
  • We opened the BS tank lid and offloaded a large IM-Y offset to F0-Y with manual adjustment of the broken yaw mechanism.
  • We opened the SR2 side doors and adjusted the V1 OSEM to mid-range.
  • Mark offloaded a large SR2 IM-Y offset to F0-Y.
  • Mark did health checks for BS, SR2 and SR3.
  • Fabian offloaded yaw from SRM and did the SRM health check.
  • Fabian updated the Python code for the stepper driver MEDM screen to reflect that two stepper drivers have different mappings to work around dead channels.
  • Fabian monitored pumpdown on Friday afternoon and will continue on Saturday.

Plan for week of 4/15

  • Mark, Hirata-san at Kamioka Tue-Thu.
  • Fabian at Kamioka Mon-Wed (Thu at Niigata).
  • All at f2f Meeting 4/19-21.
  • Post-pumpdown health checks.
  • Teach Hirata-san about the computer systems and control theory.
  • Work with Lucia to do blending of the IP LVDTs and geophones.
  • More Guardian improvements.
    • Update vistools.py (formerly LIGO sustools.py) for Type B and KAGRA, and have the TYPEB.py Guardian use it where appropriate.
    • Modify RT models and/or Guardian to revert to the SAFE state under control in all but the most extreme emergency situations (rather than suddenly shutting off all output).
  • Work on Type B paper.
  • Tidy up.
    • Gather and clean tools.
    • Gather and organize unused parts and fasteners.

Vacation/Travel Info

  • Mark at Mitaka 4/15.
  • f2f 4/19 (Friday), 4/20, 4/21.
  • Terrence's next visit from 4/18.
  • Fabian's vacation 4/26 to 5/10.
  • Mark's US vacation from 5/22 to 6/11.
  • Mark's final day 6/28.

Type-Bp (Shoda)

Past week report

  • PRM

  • IM-OSEM (V1 and V3 ?) was centerized.
  • Health check was done and it was confirmed that PRM looked healthy in terms of the transfer functions.


  • IM-OSEM (V1 and V3 ) was centerized.
  • Health check was done and was it confirmed that PR2 looked healthy in terms of the transfer functions?
  • !Important note! The polarities of the newly-glued magnet was wrong. We have to keep in mind and later have to think how to fix this issue.


  • IM-OSEM V1, V2, V3 went off from the center but still in the linear range.
  • Was the health check done completely? and was it confirmed that PR3 looked healthy in terms of the transfer functions? (the bad width was a bit large, like 0.03 Hz though, personally it looked okay..)

Plan for coming weeks

  • change the LVDT board for BF-LVDT-V of PR2

OMMT & OSTM (Ohishi)

Past week report

Plan for coming weeks

VIS electronics (Tanaka)

Past week report

Plan for coming weeks

Other site works


  • Incidents: no incident
  • Foreseen risks
    • Type-A:
    • Type-B:


  • F2F talk slots

Travel Plans

  • Travel (Week of 4/15):
    • Takahashi:
    • Sato:
    • Mark: 16-18
    • Hirata: 16-18
    • Shoda:
    • Fujii: 16-18 17-18

    • Tanioka:
    • Tanaka:
    • Terrence:
  • Travel (Week of 4/22):
    • Takahashi: 24-25
    • Sato:
    • Mark: 22-26
    • Hirata:
    • Shoda:
    • Fujii: 23-26
    • Tanioka:
    • Tanaka:
    • Terrence:

Next meeting

On 2019/4/26(Fri)

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