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=== Glitch noise investigation === Glitch noise investigation ===
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Possible research topics for graduate students and postdocs

Thermal Noise

  • Mechanical Q measurement (sapphire fiber, blade spring, bonding, coatings, ...)
  • Evaluation of sapphire suspension thermal noise
  • Evaluation of thermal noise of integrated cryo-payload
  • Design of new sapphire blade spring
  • Measurement of violin mode of sapphire suspension fibers and their subtraction from data


  • Development of high-sensitivity local displacement sensor at low temperature
  • Development of frosting removal on mirror by using CO2 laser or heater
  • Evaluation of low-magnetism black-coating (optical absorption at 1064nm ...)
  • Optical absorption measurement of the sapphire mirror at low temperature
  • Development of non-contact temperature measurement method of mirror

Underground environment evaluation

  • New environmental monitors
  • Seismometer analysis
  • Magnetometer analysis
  • Microphone analysis
  • Newtonian noise evaluation

Interferometer noise evaluation

  • New environmental monitors
  • Power line monitor, GND survey
  • Correlation/coherent analysis (Close to commissioning)
  • Glitch, line noise evaluation (Close to DetChar)

  • Feedforward, offline noise subtraction
  • PEM injection test

Sensor Development

  • Development of new local sensor with high-sensitivity, wide-range, and cryogenic use, replaced from OSEM and photo-sensor
  • Development of new local sensor by using optical comb technology
  • Development of inertial sensor (seismometer, accelerometer)

Performance Improvement

  • Optimization of control, development of active filter
  • Control of low-frequency range by using GIF
  • Improvement of lower frequency performance of IP
  • Development of light and easy maintenance GAS filter

DAC/CAL (Software)

  • Timing correction
  • Line-noise subtraction
  • Optimization of avoidance method of dynamic range problem
  • Improvement of self-diagnosis of pipe-line
  • Improvement of interface of pipe-line, filter, injection and so on

Commissioning/CAL (Hardware)

  • PCAL
  • Higher performance of calibration of integrating sphere (5% -> <1%)

  • Mitigation of scattered light(in O4)
  • Stabilization of Pcal laser
  • Correction of temperature dependence of integrating sphere
  • Evaluation of integrating sphere like injection angle of laser and opening size (in O5)
  • Development of Gcal

  • Operation of DMG
  • Development of data sharing way between low and high latency data
  • development of data base
  • GRID computing

  • R&D of Mach–Zehnder

  • Angular Sensing Control of Input Mode Cleaner
  • Redesign of IMMT TRANS breadboard
  • Intensity noise at IMC
  • Redesign of PSL optical path
  • Arrangement of cabling at around PSL and IMC
  • Improvement of ALS fiber noise canceling (FNC)
  • Improvement of ALS PLL

Evaluation and Introduction of High Power Laser

  • Debug
  • Reduction of intensity noise
  • Built of EPICS control

New Technology Development

  • Control by EPICS Learning

stray-light mitigation

  • Development and/or characterization of light-absorbing materials required for the large-scale interferometers
  • Stray-light mitigation in the actual KAGRA interferometer with ray-trace software simulation and their actual fabrication
  • Design, assembly, and evaluation of optical baffles and beam dumps for KAGRA, as well as the installation
  • Characterization of stray-light noises in KAGRA

TMS (Transmission monitor system)

  • Characterization of the vibration-isolation stages TMS
  • Characterization of the optical setup of TMS

  • RSE locking simulation and commissioning
  • Alignment sensing and controls simulation and commissioning
  • Laser frequency stabilization
  • Interferometer characterizations (optical parameters, mode content, birefringence, high power effect, etc.)
  • Parametric instability modeling and mitigation
  • Commissioning and upgrade of transmission monitor system (TMS-VIS, optical table cover, polarization monitor)
  • Output optics development (OMC, beam shutter, etc.)
  • In-vacuum RF PD and RF QPD development
  • Upgrade of Mach-Zehnder modulator

DGS (Digital System related)

Timing synchronization

  • Evaluation of accuracy and precision of received GPS (including automation)
  • Evaluation of accuracy of ADC/DAC synchronization for OMC, ETMX, and ETMY.
  • Measurement of timing delay


  • Interferometer diagnosis system

Glitch noise investigation

  • Searching auxiliary channels which have many coincidence events with main interferometer signals
  • Glitch classification from glitch waveform (providing glitch catalogue)
  • Rejecting fake gravitational wave events by information of glitches on auxiliary channels
  • h(t) generation and comparison before and after glitch rejection

Narrowband noise (spectral lines)

  • Automation of line identification (freq, Q, etc) and constructing line data base
  • Automation of calibration line removal and evaluation of robustness of removal method.
  • Know lines (such as reference signal) removal


  • Constructing the system which receives GW alerts from GraceDB
  • Automation of launching glitch pipelines by using GW alerts
  • Construction database of known/unknown spectral lines


  • Evaluation of background noise of auxiliary channels, especially for environmental sensors
  • Searching safe channel (which is not affected by GWs) and evaluation coherence between safe channel and h(t)
  • Software noise removal by using safe channels

== GIF(Geophysics Interferometer)==

Subjects on GIF observation data

  • Origin of acoustic strain vibrations associated with felt earthquakes
  • Response of underground strains to rainfall and air pressure
  • Relations between earthquakes in the fault and strain changes
  • Relations between volcanic/seismic activities and regional strains

=== Subjects related to development of instruments===

  • Background noise of GIF and its improvement
  • Stable operation of KAGRA using strainmeter/seismometer data

  • Q measurement of coating at cryogenic temperature
  • absorption measurement of sapphire bulks
  • absorption measurement of crystalline coatings
  • birefringence measurement of sapphire bulks
  • impact of birefringence in IFO (simulation)

== Analogue Electronics (AEL)== ==Facility (FCL)== ==Vaccum(VAC)==

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