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   * Parametric instabilty vs power, mitigation schemes [Michimura?]    * Parametric instabilty vs power, mitigation schemes [Michimura? KYamamoto?]
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   * Mirror size
   * Filter cavity length
   * Mirror size in cryostat [KYamamoto?]
   * Filter cavity length [Matteo?]

Future Planning Committee (FPC) working wiki

Starting points

White paper

  • Scientific motivation
  • Survey of the current technologies (price and readiness)
    • High power laser (how much power? stability?) [Haino?]
    • Parametric instabilty vs power, mitigation schemes [Michimura? KYamamoto?]
    • Squeezing (squeezing level, losses) [Matteo?]
    • Filter cavity (losses) [Matteo?]
    • Mirror (mass, coating, absorption) [Hirose?]
    • Suspending larger mirror [Okutomi?]
    • Suspension design for suspension thermal noise reduction (upper stage masses, sapphire blades, ribbon design) [Tomaru?]
    • Improving heat conductivity of sapphire fibers [Tomaru?]
    • Extreme RSE (high SRM reflectivity possible?) [Michimura?]
    • Technological noises at low frequencies [Michimura?]
    • Newtonian noise cancellation [Nishizawa?]
  • Limits of the current facility
    • Mirror size in cryostat [KYamamoto?]
    • Filter cavity length [Matteo?]
  • Trade-off studies
  • Time scale of plans: near-term(more realistic) and longer-term(some dreams)
  • Back up plans
  • R&Ds to be done : input to the PRDC

  • Budget estimate
  • Project execution plan

Schedule for the white paper

  • Work in progress draft to be presented @ KIW in Feb 2019 : Feedbacks from Virgo
  • First draft to be circulated @ April 2019 F2F
  • Final version to be put for approval @ Aug 2019 F2F

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