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== パン屋 (Bakery) ==
 * [[KAGRA/KamiokaLife/Nomikui/Locomotion/PandaPanda|パンダパンダ]]

ロコモーション周辺の飲食店 (Restaurant around Locomotion)


Summarize info of restaurants around Locomotion. Please add more infomation if you know new one. It is difficult to walk to stores with a star (☆) mark next to their names. Please ask them take me to someone who has a car.

肉料理 (meat)

ラーメン (Noodle)

寿司 (Sushi)

イタリアン (Italian food)

中華料理 (Chinese food)

ファミレス (Casual restaurant)

パン屋 (Bakery)

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