KAGRA Face to Face Meeting

8th Face to face meeting: Aug 1 - Aug 3, 2013 @ University of Toyama

The conference site is UNIVERSITY OF TOYAMA, which is near KAGRA site (1 hour by car).

In this meeting, we have three social events; KAGRA and CLIO site tour, Lecture about Gravitational Wave Physics for beginners, and Banquet. Details are as follow.

On afternoon of the 31st of July (Wed), the site tour (KAGRA tunnels and CLIO site) will be held.

On the morning of the 31st of July (Wed), the Lecture about Gravitational Wave Physics for BEGINNERS will be held in the University of Toyama.

We plan to have a banquet in the evening on 2nd of the August (Fri). Please pay the fee JPY3500 for staff (JPY2500 for student) by cash at the front desk of conference BEFORE THE BANQUET. The fee for coffee break is JPY500 for others.

We are very sorry, but, in this time, please reserve your hotel by yourself. The information about hotel near University of Toyama and access to Toyama are here.

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