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  * Accepted for publication in Living Review of Relativity (2020)   * Accepted for publication in Living Reviews in Relativity (2020)

KAGRA Publications

List of Journal papers, PhD theses, Master theses, and Graduation theses related to KAGRA research.

in preparation

For accessing overleaf, please contact to paper-writing team (PWT) leaders. If you plan to begin a new project with overleaf (online LaTeX sharing editor), contact to kagra-overleaf_at_icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp

  • Overview of KAGRA : (2) Noise Budget
    • PWT leaders: Kazuhiro Yamamoto Overleaf

  • Overview of KAGRA : (3) Detchar, calibration, physical environment, data quality
    • PWT leaders: Takahiro Yamamoto, Yuki Inoue, Takaaki Yokozawa Overleaf

  • Overview of KAGRA : (4) Data transfer and management
  • Overview of KAGRA : (5) Data analysis methods
  • Overview of KAGRA : (7) Future plans

Submitted Papers

Accepted Papers

  • Overview of KAGRA : (1) Detector design and construction history
    • KAGRA collaboration (author-list 2018 )
    • PWT leaders: Kentaro Somiya, Yuta Michimura, Kazuhiro Yamamoto (advisors: Osamu Miyakawa, Masayuki Nakano)
    • accepted for publication in Prog. Theor. Exp. Phys. (2020)
    • Overleaf, JGW-P2011614, submitted to PTEP

Journal Papers

PhD Thesis

Master Thesis

Graduation Thesis

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