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 * Folded Pendulum加速度計を用いた大型低温重力波望遠鏡KAGRAのための能動防振システムの研究, Studies of Active Vibration Isolation System for KAGRA, Large-scale Cryogenic Gravitational wave Telescope, using Folded Pendulum Accelerometer
  * 杉山 拓夢, University of Tokyo (2022, FY2021)

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 * [[https://gwdoc.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/cgi-bin/private/DocDB/ShowDocument?docid=9630|低温光変位センサーの開発と KAGRA 低温懸架装置の ダンピング制御への応用に関する研究 Development and application of cryogenic displacement sensors towards the damping control of KAGRA cryogenic payloads]]
  * 福永 真士, University of Tokyo (2019, FY2018)

KAGRA Publications

List of Journal papers, PhD theses, Master theses, and Graduation theses related to KAGRA research.

in preparation

For accessing overleaf, please contact to paper-writing team (PWT) leaders. If you plan to begin a new project with overleaf (online LaTeX sharing editor), contact to kagra-overleaf_at_icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp

  • Overview of KAGRA : (4) Data transfer and management
  • Overview of KAGRA : (5) Data analysis methods
  • IOO paper in preparation

Submitted Papers

  • Overview of KAGRA : (2) Noise Budget
  • The current status and future prospects of KAGRA, the large-scale cryogenic gravitational wave telescope built in the Kamioka underground

Accepted Papers

Journal Papers

PhD Thesis

Master Thesis

Graduation Thesis

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