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 * [[http://klog.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/osl/?r=6524]]  * [[http://klog.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/osl/?r=xxxx]]
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No tunnel works today. Workers: Izumi, Michimura
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== Next Plan ==
 * Detach the remaining white tapes just before closing the chamber; be noted that there are white tapes on the PEEK connectors at the inside of the flanges.
 * Torque completely the bolts which are fixing the upper and the lower base plates.
 * Insert metal gaskets before torquing the ICF203 flanges with Dsub connectors.
 * Attach an oplev viewport
 * Setup the oplev for TMS-VIS
 * Consider why the green ghost beam is not observed; that was observed in TMSY in this April.

 * Modify MEDM screen
   * Add DC PD and so on.
 * Cable Dsub 15pin for TMS-VIS OpLev.
 * Return plastic boxes.
 * Install rails in digital rack.
   * They may be necessary under LVDT distributor, geophone distributor, and WHT board.
   * Nagano is not sure it is necessary under HP coil driver.

 * Measure the length between BRT lens3 and GLNS1

== Wanted! ==
 * Black tubes attachable to the DC-PDs or seetabale in front of the DC-QPDs for light shielding.
 * Screws to screw Dsub 15pin connectors to QPD amplifiers
  * Already screwed for IR and GR QPDs. Not yet for TMSX VIS oplev.
 * Nice way to turn off the ceiling LED light
 * Covers for cables running on the floor
 * Shield box against environmental light
 * Wind shielding... (it would be somewhat difficult as two beams are running in the different directions from the viewport window)
== Next Plan and Wanted! ==
 * See [[KAGRA/Subgroups/AOS/TMSX_O3/2018-10-12]]


Today's activities

Workers: Izumi, Michimura

Next Plan and Wanted!

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