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Today's activities

Workers: Izumi, Michimura

Transporting some optics to Y-end

  • We have transported TMSY optics from Xend to Yend. Four cardboard boxes from Thorlabs and Japan Laser, and optics stored in the desiccator.


  • Oplev-QPD for TMSX-VIS and are left at TMSX.


  • At TMSY, we have replaced a periscope for IR. It was temporarily using POP/POS-style periscope, but we replaced it to a real Nagano-style peroscope for. The periscope is placed at the preliminary position. The mirrors on POP/POS-style periscope were reused for the Nagano-style periscope.
    • POP/POS-style periscope assembly
      • 2inch mirror mount: KM200 x2
      • Post and base: P250/M, PB4/M
      • Post fork: PF175
      • Post mounting clamp: C1511/M x2
    • Nagano-style periscope assembly
      • 2inch mirror mount: SN200-F2K, SN200-F2K-LH (Newport)
      • Post and base: P300/M, PB2/M
      • Post mounting clamp: C1511/M x2
      • Spacer: RS3M x2


  • The POP/POS-style periscope was brought to the POS table.

Next Plan and Wanted!

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