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  * Pcal requiere 61usec x3?   * Pcal requiere 61usec x3?-> 61usec x2


17:00 JST (Japan) 16:00 CST (Taiwan) 9:00 CET (Geneva)

  • Discussion of maintenance day plan 16:00-17:00 [Yamamoto・Darkhan]
    • Improve the measured points (Inoue)
    • Do we need the quick analysis for commissioning break?-> dont need it. (Yamamoto-san)

  • Summary of CAL analysis meeting(Yuki)slide

    • HF OMC effect
    • Pcal requiere 61usec x3?-> 61usec x2

    • Consistency check with L_A.
  • Status of KAGRA observation and commissioning break (Takahiro)
  • Consistency check of h(t)
  • Updates of Low latency (S.Takahiro)
  • Preparing of O4(Yuki)
    • Goal
      • Installation of the Gcal systems
        • NCU Gcal was developed. We shiped the system to AS today.
        • Feng-kai, Chang-I joined KAGRA officially. They will come Japan for instllation work (1st visit: May, Second visit: July). Depend on the corona virses problem.
      • Fixing the Y-end Pcal optics -> Depend on the timing of chamber opening

      • Noise probrem of X-end PCAL -> independent task from IFO

        • Escitation port? We should charactarize it after we install new OFS and 20bit DAQ system.
      • Improvement of OFS -> independent task from IFO

        • Installed to NCU and Toyama uni. for Charactarization: Ko-Han and Ito
  • Shift
    • 2/25(Tue.) [Ogaki・Inoue]
    • 3/3 (Tue.) [Ogaki・Darkhan]
    • 3/10 (Tue.) [Yamamoto・Darkhan・Yuki (remote)]
    • 3/24 CAL day(Tue.) [Yamamoto・Darkhan]
    • WSK measurement?
    • 3/31(Tue.) [Yamomoto・Darkhan]

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