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=== Agenda === === Minutes ===

CAL Meeting on 2016/11/4 15:00-16:20

Participants: Kanda, Suzuki, Tomaru, Michimura, Kokeyama, Yamamoto, Inoue, Haino


  • Brief report from LHO - Inoue
    • Rick is not available most of this week
    • O2 will start at the end of this November
    • Yuki can probably join part of the calibration week before he leaves LHO
  • Updates in Pcal and Camera design and schedule G1605796 - Inoue

  • Review of presentations in the coming chief meeting (11/7) - Inoue, Haino
    • Calibration review in LIGO and strategy in KAGRA G1605795 - Haino

    • Pcal and Camera design and schedule - Inoue
      • For chief meeting we better have a list of purposes for the HR Camera
      • The installation of Camera module around Apr./2017 is a good coincidence with the CRYp install test (depending on Type-A installation)
      • We should keep the schedule of outer support installation with the OpLev one in order to have the cleaning of EXA/EYA only once each

      • The installation of high quality window for Pcal should be planned accordingly with the leak test schedule
  • AOB
    • We will discuss about the high power laser and other related optics (PD, AOM) with Rick when he comes to Taiwan

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