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 * [[https://lscsoft.docs.ligo.org/igwn-alert/index.html#command-line-interface|Command Line Interface]]


  • LIGO-Virgo Alert System (LVAlert) igwn-alert

    • The International Gravitational Wave Network Alert System (igwn-alert) is a notification service built on the Apache Kafka protocol and the pubsub extension.
    • It is a higher-level modification of SCIMMA's hop-client to streamline receiving and responding to alerts from GraceDB.
    • This package replaces the legacy LIGO LVAlert XMPP-based alert system.
    • The API are compatible with Python 3
  • Retirement of existing LVAlert service targeted for ~April 2022.
    • In O4, we will use igwn-alert.


  • The latest version is 0.1.2 (2021/12/07)
    • Available in pip and conda shortly.
    conda install igwn-alert
    pip install igwn-alert
  • help
    % igwn-alert -h
    usage: igwn-alert [-h] [-g GROUP] [-l {critical,error,warning,info,debug}] [-n NETRC] [-s SERVER] [-u USERNAME] {listen,subscriptions,topics,unsubscribe,send} ...
    positional arguments:
                            sub-command help
        listen              Listen for igwn-alert messages and print them to stdout.
        subscriptions       List your subscriptions
        topics              List available pubsub topics
        unsubscribe         Unsubscribe from one or more topics
        send                publish contents of a file to a pubsub topic
    optional arguments:
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -g GROUP, --group GROUP
                            GraceDB group name (e.g., gracedb, gracedb-playground)
      -l {critical,error,warning,info,debug}, --log {critical,error,warning,info,debug}
                            Log level
      -n NETRC, --netrc NETRC
                            netrc file (default: read from NETRC environment variable or ~/.netrc)
      -s SERVER, --server SERVER
                            igwn-alert server hostname
      -u USERNAME, --username USERNAME
                            User name (default: look up in auth.toml or .netrc)

Setting in advance on web

  • The authentification between the client and the server is managed by SciMMA.
  • The first step is to make a SCiMMa account by visiting https://my.hop.scimma.org/.

    • At this time, access to igwn-alert is limited to LIGO, Virgo, or KAGRA members.
  • After log-in https://my.hop.scimma.org/, by clicking Create new credentials, the password for your account will be shown just once.

Adding Authentication in local

  • Run the hop command and enter the username and the password.

    • Empty Hostname is fine.
    hop auth add
  • Once you entered, the authentification credential is stored in ~/.config/hop/auth.toml .

Usage in local

  • Initially, no topic (you can consider channel) is registered to your account.
  • This doesn't show anything.
    % igwn-alert topics
    Topics for group gracedb associated with the current credential:

Receive alert from MDC (Mock Data Challenge) analysis

  • Follow instruction by Joe.

  • If you set up properly, check the topics which you are subscribing.
    % igwn-alert --group gracedb-playground topics
    Topics for group gracedb-playground associated with the current credential:
  • Launch the igwn-alert
    % igwn-alert --g gracedb-playground listen
  • To see the MDC alert on gracedb (2022/02/09), visit gracedb-playground (Require log-in).

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