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  * Following this, we changed our plan: Injection will be perform in ETM'''Y''' although original plan is ETM'''X'''.   * Following this, Nagano would like to change our plan: Injection will be perform in ETM'''Y''' although original plan is ETM'''X'''.
  * What do yo think?
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   * IMC0
   * IYC
   * IMC0:
   * IYC:
   * EY0:
   * EY1:

Detchar Meeting 20180123


Agenda & Minutes

See also http://gwwiki.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/JGWwiki/KAGRA/Subgroups/DET/Meet/Agenda20180123

  • Report from Extended Chief meeting on Jan. 22nd (Hayama)
    • Experiment after bKAGRA phase1 run will start around the end of April (on Apr. 30th??).
    • 5th and 6th day will be assigned to PEM injection? (If the bKAGRA phase1 run finish on Apr. 29th, they are May 4th and 5th.)
    • Any thing else?
  • Recent news
    • In bKAGRA phase 1 run, only ETMY will be cryogenic. ETMX will not be cooled down.

    • Following this, Nagano would like to change our plan: Injection will be perform in ETMY although original plan is ETMX.

    • What do yo think?
  • Progress report from Hongo
    • Calibration of the toy pendulum system (injection target in rehearsal) has beed done.
    • We checked two demo-unit of small accelerometer (FG-142 and 2002E).
      • We will buy FG-142 in next fiscal year.
    • Miyazaki-kun, who is a new grad. student of Ando lab., has started mede analog circuit for magnetometer.
    • Magnet wire for large coil (~100 m) arrived. Large wooden bobbin will arrive in the end of Jan. (or the beginning of Feb.)
    • Connector parts for amplifier (QSC RMX5050a) arrived.
    • We obtained power supply connector used in KAGRA. However, we don't have pins.
      • Maybe we will make it in Kamioka in the first day of the rehearsal. Or will anyone come to Ochi-kun's master thesis defense and take the pins?
    • Any thing else?
  • Progress report from Kamioka
    • Rack preparation.
      • IMC0:
      • IYC:
      • EY0:
      • EY1:
      • By the way, do we have a conversion board for ADC to D-sub from BNC?
    • Software preparation (Pil-Jong)
    • Any thing else?
  • Communication tool for the PEM injection: Slack (Miyo)
  • github for management of the PEM project (Miyo)
    • Can we perform project management only with pure github like this? (Nagano)
    • Is it necessary to do this under detchar repository? (Nagano)

Action items

Next meeting

  • 2018/01/30 13:00-- Detchar meeting ?????????????????

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