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Measurement of the magnetic field gradient at the KAGRA site

Project description

The fluctuation of the magnetic field gradient around the test masses is the main source of magnetic noise in KAGRA [1]. However, the gradient has not been directly measured so far though the fluctuation of the uniform field were measured [2,3]. Thus, the purpose of this project is to measure the gradient fluctuation or set an upper limit to it.

There are two origins of the magnetic field gradient, such as

  1. gradient of environmental magnetic field
  2. distortion of the uniform magnetic field due to the vacuum chambers, ducts and the suspension frames


Project schedule and Task List

(ROUGH schedule)

  • 2018/March~April : calculation & preparation of instruments

  • 2018/May~June : measurement at Kamioka

(Task list)

  • prepare instruments : magnetometers (MFS-06e?), data logger (ADU-07e?)
  • calculate measurable gradient level
  • decide the measurement point
  • fix the schedule



[1] Magnetic noise calculation for BS (and ETM/ITM, PRM/SRM) JGW-T1504459

[2] Measurement of Schumann Resonance JGW-G1605544

[3] Measurement of Schumann Resonance at Kamioka iopscience

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