Preparation of items

1. Check item

  1. Obtain S-numbers on JGWDoc for ADC, DAC, IO chassis.
  2. Make a yellow tag with the S-number by TEPRA with a bar-code using the CODE39 option and put the tag to each item.
  3. Write down the vendor's serial number for all the items to the item database list (Excel file): ADC, DAC, BO, IO chassis, DC power supply, AA chassis, AI chassls, Coil driver, Sattelite box, LVDT driver etc.

2. Make I/O chassis

  1. Put ADC, DAC, BO into IO chassis.
  2. Attach two small extension screws for each SCSI connector to ADC-adapter, DAC-adapter, AA chassis, and AI chassis.
    • ※ AA and AI are not connected to not ADC and DAC directly but adapter. In I/O chassis, internal cable for ADC and ADC-adapter is 80pin, and for DAC is 64pin.

3. Make DC tap board

  1. Open cover of the 18V power strip and the 24V power strip.
  2. Combine them by a 10cm square metal board made by Hamilton metalcraft using M6 rack screws, black plastic rings and M6 stainless nuts.
    • ※ The board should be attached at the top of power strip and use 2 holes to for each strips to fix them. Then close strip covers.
  3. Make a short cable to connect between the input D-SUB 3pin of the power strip and the rear connectors of 18V DC power supplies.
  4. Make a short single cable with a Y shape connector on both side.


4. Build rack

  1. Check location of the target rack, the orange fiber cable for timing and the green fiber cable for IO chassis.
  2. Slide side panels at the front of rack to avoid conflict between cables and the door. Loosen 6 (upper x 2, middle x 2, lower x 2) screws for each panel using electric drill with a torc bit.
    • ※ Move the panel until you see 5 gears from the front side of the rail.
  3. Set pairs of rail at the side in the rack, for DC power supply, IO chassis, and for each bottom of the same kind of chassis.

5. Install preparated items on rack

  1. Set an outer box for DC power supply into the rack and put the heavy DC power supplies on it.
  2. Connect the short single cable you made between GND connector of + power supply and + connector of - power supply.
  3. Connect AC power cables to the power reel and turn both supply on. Check the voltage for +/-18V.
  4. Set IO chassis into rack.
  5. Put the combined power strips using M5 rack mount screws and special nuts attached in a clip.
  6. Set electronic circuits into the rack and connect the orange D-SUB 3 pin cables to the longer power strip.
  7. Connect D-SUB 9pin and 15pin cables from/to electronic circuits if you need.
  8. Connect the orange fiber cable to a timing slave port at the front pannel of IO chassi and the greeen fiber cable for IO chassis into IO chassi from the right rear slot.
  9. Connect the short cable you made between 18V power stip and DC power supplies.
  10. Finally, put a plastic cover on the rack and close all tapes except for upper side.
    • ※ DO NOT close all the tapes! Open the top tape at the front and real cover. It can avoid to make inside too hot.

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