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==== testpoint, DAQ ====
 * If you cannot see past data on diaggui or dataviewer, define daq channel using daqconfig. Be careful that channels are activated.
 * If dmesg says DAQ size is too small, increase sampling rate on DAQ channels
 * If diaggui says test point is not available, suspect awg, and run /opt/rtcds/tst/x1/target/gds/startup_x1x14.cmd

Standalone client WS

This setup is not for Real-time system but for general Linux supporting the realtime system as file server and diagnosis monitor with application software like MEDM, DTT, dataviewer.

setup ubuntu desktop 1/4/2011 at 40m

  1. Prepare a proper partition on your HDD, recommends to have a new HDD for Ubuntu Linux
  2. Insert Ubuntu 10.4. 64bit CD-ROM and boot
  3. In installation package selection, select 'Ubuntu Server' which proceeds text mode installation
  4. In entering a hostname section, name proper hostname like 'desktop1'
  5. In partitioning section, recommends 'use entire disk' if you will duplicate and use this disk for other PC's setup.
  6. Starts installation process automatically
  7. Type 'controls' as a new username and 'XXXXXX(ask somebody)' as the password
  8. Select 'No' for encrypt the home directory
  9. Select 'No automatic updates' for stable operation
  10. Select
    • DNS server
    • OpenSSH server
    • Print server
    • Samba file server
    • Virtual Machine host
  11. login as controls on CUI
  12. sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
  13. update software

    sudo apt-get update
  14. Install desktop

    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
  15. sudo reboot 

then booted with GUI login screen.

Trouble shooting

Change network interface name

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