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 * GE, guiguo from WIPM (Oct 13th)
 * Tanioka-kun will leave (Oct 30th
 * GE, guiguo from WIPM will leave on Oct 13th. Next visit under planning.
 * Tanioka-kun will leave on Oct 30th
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 * https://teamup.com/kswnmta8p18h6u1uab

Regular Meeting 1002


Kokeyama, Nakano, Ge, Tanioka, Yamakoh, Fujikawa, Green


  • Mine entrance system will change from 6th Oct (see Prof Miyoki's email on KAGRA-all ML, 10/1 17:14)

Schedule for Phase-2

Report from the Last 2 weeks

  • IMC - ASC: MEDM and models were modified for the DC centering control. Currently there are two ways to control; dof1~3 - WFS individual mirror, or dof4 - I&O. Waiting for the PZT mounts for the DC control. PSL PZT position is with random offsets voltage. PZT voltage to change to the mid range of the actuator.

  • MZM - 1st PZT was broken, and new one was installed. Alignement is still bad. Another new bigger PZT for the 1st MZI. 1st MZI, check the

IMC alignment carefully. Control scheme for both MZIs should work well now if we have enough range with the new PZT. Power fluctuation still there, but not seen on the measurement day (klog). Maybe related to the PMC temperature loop??

  • PLS - PMC:temperature loop was added, working well. The thin film polarizer pair will be installed on next Monday. Power will go up to 5W this week.

  • RAM - no progress
  • HPL - Heat sinks with coating arrived. Some parts were lost when delivery...LightTools are ready.

  • PEM - Fujikawa-kun will hunt the MZM noise.
  • IMMT1/IMMT2 - to measure TFs in vac.
  • MC mirrors will clean with the first contacts before December HP.


  • GE, guiguo from WIPM will leave on Oct 13th. Next visit under planning.
  • Tanioka-kun will leave on Oct 30th
  • Fujikawa-kun will leave on 12th Oct
  • Anna G is leaving on 4th Thu


  • Nakano-kun 19th Fri, 22nd Mon
  • Kokeyama will work on Detchar in the week of 15th from Mozumi (no mine entrance)

Next meeting

Oct 15th

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