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 * [[attachment:PEM_181107.pdf|Yokozawa slide]]
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 * Josh suggests to have ligoDV, very useful for remote people  * Josh suggests to have ligoDV web, very useful for remote people

LIGO KAGRA informal detchar meeting

Nov 6, 2018, Cal State Fullerton


Josh S, Jess M, TJ M, Marissa W, Takahiro Y, Taka-aki Y, Keiko K, Josh's students

Meeting memo

Detchar Tools

  • KAGRA is compatible with LIGO tools as the CDS system is the copy
  • Reports on already-imported tools (summary pages, bruco, iDQ, ligoDV)
  • Josh suggests to have ligoDV web, very useful for remote people
  • Fscan is not a part of summary page package - need to contact Keith Riles
  • Omicron is the best glitch finding tool
  • KW is a part of DMT


  • DMT is very difficult to maintain or solve technical problems
  • maybe better to make some simple structure


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