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 * [[attachment:PEM_181107.pdf|Yokozawa slide]]

LIGO KAGRA informal detchar meeting

Nov 6, 2018, Cal State Fullerton


Josh S, Jess M, TJ M, Marissa W, Takahiro Y, Taka-aki Y, Keiko K, Josh's students

Meeting memo

Detchar Tools

  • KAGRA is compatible with LIGO tools as the CDS system is the copy
  • Reports on already-imported tools (summary pages, bruco, iDQ, ligoDV)
  • Josh suggests to have ligoDV web, very useful for remote people
  • Fscan is not a part of summary page package - need to contact Keith Riles
  • Omicron is the best glitch finding tool
  • KW is a part of DMT


  • DMT is very difficult to maintain or solve technical problems
  • maybe better to make some simple structure


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