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   * Long term study of the KAGRA ground motion    * Long term study of the KAGRA ground motion [[https://github.com/MiyoKouseki/kagra-gif/issues/92| Link]]

Weekly PEM meeting

  • 2019/7/02(Tue) 17:00-(JST)
  • Regular meeting meeting
  • Web meeting with Zoom2 (Zoom2)

=== Agenda ===

  • General issue
    • KAGRA interferometer status
      • PRC loss was large, birefringence effect?
      • FPMI or SRFPMI or DRFPMI
      • Open the CS area and remove the PRM and SRM?
      • Before that, we want to investigate the scattering effect at CS area
    • Chrome Book project
      • Portable PEM researcher
      • Spectral analyzer, sound recording, ...
      • USB accelerometer (Center area), microphone, ...

      • Data sharing GoogleDrive

    • Weekly PEM measurement
      • Friday is temporal weekly PEM measurement
      • Understanding the effect of the instruments and so on
      • Power supply
      • duct vibration
    • PEM DAQ sampling rate
      • Due to the limited DAQ power, almost all PEMs are taken at 2kHz sampling
      • Only PSL and CS microphone are taken with 16kHz sampling for the noise hunting
    • PEM injection
      • Shaker injection1 (Yikang, Yokozawa)
      • Shaker injection2 (Okutomi, Fabian)
      • acoustic injection (TTanaka)
      • magnetic field injection (Yikang, Yokozawa)
      • RF injection (TTanaka, Washimi)
    • 1st engineering run
      • 1st engineering run : Jun. 8th 12:00-18:00(JST) : Xarm cavity
    • Preparing toward the next engineering run
      • Next engineering run : 13th Jul.
      • Interferometer configuration ?
    • English meeting
      • We will have a monthly English meeting(Mainly share the information with Virgo people)
      • The third Tuesday of every month 17:00-(JST) 10:00-(CEST)
      • 2nd meeting will be held at 16th Jul.(Tue) 17:00-18:00 URL

    • Seismon issue
      • We already installed to KAGRA system
      • Need the tuning for the KAGRA
      • Large earthquake happened this month, we "should" be a safe mode before coming large earthquake (PEM issue???)
    • Task list toward the O3
      • task sheet

      • Please send e-mail to me if you have comments.
  • each member progress
    • Yokozawa
      • Power supply issue
    • Washimi 
      • Plan for cryochamber characterization
      • Sound reverberation analysis
      • Kaminari monitoring
      • Others and plan toward the JPS meeting
    • Kozakai
      • Trigger event identification
      • Yuzu summary page comments
      • Others and plan toward the JPS meeting
    • Miyo
      • Effect the protect shied to the seismometer
      • Long term study of the KAGRA ground motion Link

    • Oshino
      • Weather station issue
    • TTanaka
      • Preparing for the PEM injection
      • Microphone calibration
      • Thesis agenda and plan toward the JPS meeting
    • Okutomi
      • Shaker injection
    • Kaihotsu
      • Report about the KIW6
    • Yuzurihara
      • Yuzu summary page comments
    • etc
  • github progress

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