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  * [[http://klog.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/osl/?r=12872 | Pastai update : Add button for h(t) channel, Taking overlap in PSD estimation]]
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  * [[http://klog.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/osl/?r=12872 | Pastai update : Add button for h(t) channel, Taking overlap in PSD estimation]]

Weekly PEM meeting

  • 2020/02/28(Fri) 16:00-(JST)
  • Regular meeting meeting (Japanese)
  • Web meeting with Zoom2 (Zoom2)


General issue

  • Interferometer status
    • Observation run started without O3 joining
    • Average ~250kpc BNS detection range
    • Lock duration is 1h -4h
      • Alignment dependence
    • Duty cycle ~65%
      • We need ~1h for initial alignment
    • 3/10 - commissioning break(?)
  • Maintenance day (2020/03/03)
    • I asked SEO about following works
    • If you have more request, please let Yokozawa or Washimi-san know first.
    • 1. (Highest priority from PEM team)
      • Go inside the mine and move the PEMs placed at OMC legs to next noise target.
      • Next target is under discussion(Candidate is IXC area).
      • Change the position of the speaker to around POP area
      • We don’t need the interferometer during this work.
      • 1 hour work.
      • Yokozawa, Washimi
    • 2. (If possible)
      • Go inside the mine.
      • Turned on the all FFUs(~5min) to evaluate the noise from FFUs.
      • If we can observe the noise from FFUs in the sensitivity curve, we can consider next target.
      • If we cannot observe the noise, current noise limit may not come from the sound inside the clean area.
      • We need the interferometer during this work.
      • 10min work
      • Yokozawa, Washimi
    • 3. (If possible)
      • Go inside the mine
      • Hammering test to the cryochambers and ducts and so on to investigate the vibration effects.
      • We need the interferometer during this work.
      • Also, the hammering test PR and IMC area is essential
  • PEM tasks during observation run
    • PEM injection
      • Shaker and Acoustic injection
        • PSL, REFL and AS table injection again
        • Saturday afternoon(2/29) between the lock loss and observing state
    • Hammering test
      • 20/01/21 Minute

      • Hammering tests to the OMC, SRs, BS and PR2 were done [http://klog.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/osl/?r=13138|klog13138]

        • There is large excitation when we touched the legs of the OMC chamber
        • But we concluded that vibration of the logs of the OMC chamber were not the dominant noise source in the current sensitivity
        • Next target of investigation is the duct between PR2 and BS
          • Candidate of the 60-90Hz noise
    • Discussion about the PEM flags
      • This may not be used during O3 run, but it is good practice toward the O4 run
      • Help the RRT(Rapid Response Team, quick discussion for the event submitted to the GraceCB)
    • Evaluate the effect of the FFUs and vacuum pumps by turning on during interferometer lock
      • If the excitation detected, we have to consider about the FFUs which are working.
    • Set portable PEMs to the some point for the O3 run
      • Now, the legs of the OMC
      • Next target is IXC or PR2-BS or somewhere PRs or IMC area.
  • Conference
    • JPS (2020/3/16-19 @ Nagoya)-> Cancelled

      • Yokozawa, TTanaka
    • F2F (2020/4/17-20 @ Kashiwa) wiki

    • Core to core application
      • Miyoki-san suggested to visit Virgo to join the commissioning as the PEM team
      • If you have interested in please let me know
      • Other interesting conference? Deadline is 29th Feb.
  • Application of the author list
    • [kagra 03345] from Somiya-san e-mail
    • Deadline : 29th Feb.
    • エフォート率など相談がありましたら横澤までご連絡ください。
  • PEM meeting
    • Tuesday may be a maintenance day
    • I want to move PEM meeting to Friday and discuss what should we do during maintenance day.
    • Earlier time is better?

Each progress

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