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   * cabling ([[https://github.com/gw-pem/kagra-pem/issues/204|github204]]), ondotori ([[https://github.com/gw-pem/kagra-pem/issues/205|github205]]), water fluod ([[https://github.com/gw-pem/kagra-pem/issues/207|github207]])    * cabling ([[https://github.com/gw-pem/kagra-pem/issues/204|github204]]), ondotori ([[https://github.com/gw-pem/kagra-pem/issues/205|github205]]), water fluid ([[https://github.com/gw-pem/kagra-pem/issues/207|github207]])
   * read out of the lightning sensot ([[https://github.com/gw-pem/kagra-pem/issues/182|github182]]) : Shingakujutsu-kobo is acccepted

Weekly PEM meeting

  • 2020/04/17(Fri) 14:00-(JST)
  • Regular meeting (Japanese)
  • Web meeting with Zoom2 (Zoom2)


General issue

  • Interferometer status
    • Two weeks observation was performed
      • Very limited onsite people operated the interferometer
      • End 4/20 9:00 a.m(JST)
      • After that, calibration group may work
  • Tasks for post-commissioning
    • post commissioning

      • Scattered light (One of the hammering test)
      • OMC chamber vibration RMS
      • PEM injection
      • Line noise investigation by PEM
  • PEM papers
    • Portable PEMs
    • KAGRA summary paper (Preparation of PEMs is main target)
    • O3 PEM paper
      • Acoustic injection
      • Noise budget (?)
  • Task management 2020
    • Join the PEM meeting
    • Analysis related PEM (Need the communication with Yokozawa or Washimi)
    • PEM installation toward O4
    • Preparation for PEM injection
    • If you will have efforts for PEM, please contact to Yokozawa or Washimi
    • Preparation, development, update of new monitors will be added as PEM effort
      • Example : update glitch plot, daily summary page.
      • But "just use them" may not include as PEM effort -> Shift or commissioning

Each progress

  • Discuss about the general issue (Yokozawa)
  • GND noise preparation after O3 post commissioning (Yokozawa)
  • Line noise subtruction (Washimi) : 60Hz power, 180Hz violin mode

  • Glitch plot report (Kozakai)
  • Yuzu summary page report (Yuzurihara)
  • Update of the pastavi (Yuzurihara)

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