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  * KAGRA Acoustic injection [[https://arxiv.org/abs/2012.09294]] : Awaiting Referee Reports in CQG
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  * KAGRA Acoustic injection [[https://arxiv.org/abs/2012.09294]] : Awaiting Referee Reports in CQG

Virgo-KAGRA PEM meeting


  • KAGRA detector status & Update of the KAGRA PEM from last meeting (Yokozawa)

  • Journal paper
  • Investigation about lightening (Washimi, Kamiel)
    • Provide the information from Blitzortung
    • New magnetometers in KAGRA
      • Four magnetometers (MFS-06e)
      • What type of measurements is interesting?
  • Project of the KAGRA newtonian noise measurements
    • Summary of NN meeting in KAGRA
    • Acoustic data analysis by Francesca
  • Discussion items
    • Data sharing
      • LVK data sharing is limited to h(t). PEM signal is not shared.
      • Now we are spent much time and manpower.
      • Is it possible to create KAGRA accounts for Virgo people and Virgo accounts for KAGRA people?

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