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  * Discussion 1/29 [[|memo]]   * Discussion 1/29 [[KAGRA/Subgroups/PEM/Meeting/210129/PCounter|memo]]

Weekly PEM meeting


Conference issue

  • Future meeting
    • 2/12(Fri) Regular
    • 2/19(Fri) VK PEM meeting
    • 2/26(Fri) Regular
  • JPS meeting URL

    • オフライン解析によるKAGRAデータの雑音除去(Kume)
  • If you have some presentation about PEM related, please contact to me.

General issue

  • Interferometer schedule JGW12041

    • VIS upgrade
    • IMC beam centering
      • Stray beam treatment
      • Type-C suspension commissioning
    • IYC experience
    • Temperature control
  • Evaluation meeting URL

    • Make brief summary

Discussion item

  • Call candidate for seismometer data analysis person
    • Seismic motion during O3GK
    • Turn over Fujikawa-san's analysis
    • Detail analysis for micro-seismic motion
    • Earthquake information
    • Some human activity(1-10 Hz) behavior
    • Self noise evaluation
    • About 3month for postdoc or doctor student, half year for master(2nd) student?
  • Start the investigation for measurement of the newtonian noise : NN meeting (URL)

    • Portable water fluid monitor
    • Permanent water fluid monitor at Yend
      • March(?)
  • Discussion for particle counters JGW-G2112501

    • ISO class1 measurable particle counter at the entrance of PSL room
      • Before measurement, we need to measure with other particle counter
    • Effect of KOACH filter
    • Floor measurement
    • Discussion 1/29 memo

  • Contribution to PEM for joining the author list Working list

    • KAGRA Environmental study (Including (future) newtonian noise measurement)
    • Noise evaluation using PEMs (Including lock loss study and offline subtraction)
    • Setting monitors (Cabling, making monitor, ondotori maintenance)
    • Others

Jurnal paper issue

Details are here!

  • PTEP (2) : noise budget(K.Yamamoto, Kokeyama, Washimi) Check list, slack <<Writing>>

    • NB plot has been finalised
    • PWT is writing the draft for each part
  • PTEP (3) : CAL, DET, PEM, GIF (Yokozawa) <<3rd Submitted done>> JGW-P2011664

  • Acoustic injection paper (Washimi) <<Submitted>> JGW-P2012122

    • Submitted to CQG on 2020/12/26, Awaiting Referee Reports
    • LIGO O3 PEM paper has been openrd in arXiv:2101.09935

  • Lightening paper (Washimi) <<Submitted to CPC>> JGW-P2112426

    • CPC has discussed this issue and decided to ask me to make the data used in this paper to be playground data, because currently they have no definite criteria to judge which KAGRA data can be used in a shot-author-list paper.
    • Washimi plan to hold a seminar in near future to explain this paper and playground-data application.
  • Fractal paper Alessandro) <<Submitted to CPC>> JGW-P2112438

  • Seismic NN paper (with Virgo) <<DRAFT CIRCULATION>>

  • Reverberation time paper (Washimi+) <<Start writing>>

  • ICA for E-run/O3GK (Kume, Yokoyama) <<Analysis ON GOING>>

  • Portable PEMs (Yokozawa+) <<Start writing>>

Preparation for O4

  • PEM table
    • k1ctr plan
      • Cabling, DELL PC update
  • New PC for weather station
    • Oshino-san prepared
    • URL(only ICRR network)

  • Cabling issue
    • Cleaning the center area
    • PEM cabling plan
      • BS-IYC cabling (March or April?)
    • New cable rack
      • cabling, moving from IX0
  • Noise mitigation / Environment stability
    • GND issue
      • IXV 40kHz glitch, moving mass?
      • Yokozawa started the summary and plan for presentation at chief meeting
    • Temperature control
      • IYC dry air, temperature is good now
  • PEM sensors
    • Re-install the ACCs, MICs, MAGs before commissioning start
    • water fluid monitor
    • Magnetometers for Schumann resonance MFS-06e

    • read out of the lightning sensor
    • Infrasound monitor @ Atotsu, Mozumi, tunnel (+ Toyama?)
    • Infrasound microphone (ACO4152NHA, 0.05 - 8000 Hz)
  • PEM injection
    • Acoustic injection at X/Y-end
    • Magnetic injection
  • After O4
    • RF monitor
    • Tiltmeter
    • RI detector
    • Newtonian noise

Memo for working list in this physical year

  • Find time when Yokozawa and Washimi-san can work
    • Bird watching
      • Change battery operation to AC power supply operation (We bought 20 AC taps)
    • Measurement by particle counter
      • Plan is ongoing
    • Transfer function from vacuum chamber leg to table
      • If possible
  • PEM rack MCF
  • Cable diagram for IOO
    • Yokozawa and Nakano-san

Progress report

  • Yokozawa
    • Temperature control
  • Washimi
    • no reports
  • Kume
    • ICA analysis related with PEM
  • Fujikawa
    • Master thesis

Place for memo

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