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  * [[https://github.com/gw-pem/KAGRATaskO3shift|web]]

List of the task for the collaboration shift of the Pre O3 run


  • Collaboration shift will start from 28th(Tue) Jan.
  • We will postpone the starting date of the Observation run(two weeks at maximum)
  • We will pick up the task lists for collaboration shift
    • Of-course, task is not duty for collaboration shift, if they have many own tasks, it is no problem.
    • But, if collaboration shifter became hand-held(手持ち無沙汰), we can prepare the task list for collaborator shoft.
  • This task list may useful even after starting the observation run (for people who be lazy in the control room)

How to manage the task list

  • GitHub

    • web

    • We can easily manage the progress
    • Need the account
  • KAGRA wiki
    • Pickup the comments or suggestion here
    • Task manager will manage the opinion

Members of the collaboration shift

  • Week of the 28th Jan.
    • Day : Chunglee Kim, Yao-Chin Huang
    • Evening : Shuto Sei, Misako Noguchi
    • Night : Yukino Mori, Yuki Kuromiya
  • Week of the 4th Feb.
    • Day : Satoshi Tsuchida, Takahiro Sawada
    • Evening : Rishabh Bajpai, Fusakazu Matsushima
    • Night * Tomohiro Yamada, Ayako Ueda

Categories of the task list for collaboration shift

  • Similar activities as DetChar shift

    • Check the daily summary page
    • Check the Yuzu summary page
    • Check the glitch triggering
    • Check the related channel of interest by Pastavi
  • Make a explanation document/slide about KAGRA interferometer
    • Explanation of the DQ channels
    • System explanation for KAGRA collaborator
      • Suspensions, ALS, ASC, LSC, PSL, ...
    • Guardian documents
    • Useful documents for the sitemap
  • Make monitors
    • Web base easy check tools
    • medm base monitor
  • Measure the circuit noise
    • Ask AEL people
  • DetChar activity

    • Sensitivity monitor
    • Lockloss study
    • Binary range vs interferometer condition
    • Long term analysis to the PEM channels
    • Image analysis
      • GigE camera
      • TCam

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