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 * 1  * 1 sticky mat to get the dirt off our feet.



  • xxx
  • xxx

Today's activities

Workers: Akutsu, N. Sato, K. Tanaka, Nakano

  • All
    • Found that flanges of MCF and MCE chambers were not protected by white tapes although there were viton o-rings on. We protected these by white tapes.
  • MCi
    • Relocated the connector plate.
    • Attached adapter structure for black shields onto the pillars of the MCi suspension.
  • MCo
    • Found the connector plate on the MCo suspension was hard to relocate on the optical table in the chamber due to short wires from actuator coils.
  • MCe

Next plan


  • 2 metal rack shelves in the clean booth (MCF and MCE); the height must be lower than 180 cm due to lower ceiling of the relevant clean booths.
  • 1 sticky mat to get the dirt off our feet.

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