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 * Periodically bring the laser light into IMC to check the flashing.  * A systematic way to sometimes bring the laser light into IMC to check the flashing.



Today's activities

  • Worker: Akutsu
    • Other than the TX setup described in the above klog, I have moved the QPD as well!! due to my careless confusion. Anyway, it should work. Firstly I was confused due to the beat notes but they are just due to 120 Hz alias. Anyway it is sure that such a large 120 Hz peaks were not here yesterday, so my work would relate to this excitation; maybe related to the room light????

Next plan

  • Wash some screws.
  • Have VIS to check whether every combination of the coil and magnet axes is centered.
  • Check the ghost beams.
  • Consider how to separate the beam dumps from the main beam as well as install them. --> Using grid structure?? AmiAmi.

    • And revise the beam dump document. Determine if we need to replace some of KG5 glass plates with SiC ones or not... to deal with occasional illumination...
    • Where to put the dumps for GBs "N", "K", "f", and "a" (see here for the identification). -> At least, "a" can be dumped at the position well separated from the main beam.

    • How to install the dumps; maybe anyway we need to detach the K400 flange (with viewport windows) to access there.
  • How to install the beam dump around MCe... it was hard to see the MCe transmission beam even during flashing although we used P-pol.
  • Due to not calibrated actuators, it was hard to know how much counts to be input into the coils during the alignment work to flash IMC. Need to say this to VIS. Calibration!
  • Check the oplev beam spots on the mirrors! At least on MCe, the beam is just illuminating the wire break at the -X side. And adjust them.
  • Need to an encoder for HWP in the PSL room for the beam power calibration... --> Oshino-san takes care of this with Ikeda-san; see the mail on 2021 Feb 18 3:18. The script for manipulating the encoder is planned in June.

  • Check where the main beam should have gone through on the viewport window on the gate valve between MCF and IFI on the design.


  • 1 sticky mat to get the dirt off our feet.
  • A white paper that can partly pass the oplev light beam.
  • An English keyboard for the workstation at PRM.
  • A systematic way to sometimes bring the laser light into IMC to check the flashing.

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