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The new manual is here. See [[KAGRA/Subgroups/VIS/OpsManual/Pico/Manual]].

KAGRA VIS Operations Manual - Setup and Use of Picomotor Drivers

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A lot of the pico setup was done by Miyo-kun. See his page KAGRA/Subgroups/DGS/Projects/PicoMotor.

The picos used in the suspensions are Newport 8302-UHV Ultra-High Vacuum Picomotor Actuator, 1.0" Travel, 0.375" Shank.

The pico controllers are Newport 8742-4-KIT Picomotor Controller/Driver Kit.

Note that there are two subtypes of controllers with slightly different behaviour. Old type ones have a serial number starting with “1” and new type ones have a serial number starting with “3”. The new type ones have to be unplugged from Ethernet before they can be used with the joystick.

Using the Pico motors for BS. See KAGRA/Subgroups/VIS/OpsManual/Pico/BS_Picos.

The new manual is here. See KAGRA/Subgroups/VIS/OpsManual/Pico/Manual.

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