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 * Mark released new editions of E1503600 (BS circuit diagram) and E1503901 (in-vacuum cable detail) and updated Sato-san's cable spreadsheet.

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Past week report

At Kamioka (Mark, Fabian, Enzo, Hirata-san):

  • Enzo and Fabian routed all the SF/... cabling up past the SF and anchored it to the PI.
  • Enzo and Fabian moved the vacuum feedthroughs to new positions on the assembly frame corresponding more closely to the positions on the tank.
  • Hirata-san received the LBB blades back from additional machining, and he and Mark characterized them, and chose the 3 that were most closely matched. The total load capacity is 294 kg, which is rather larger than the 202 kg for the LBB and intermediate ring.
  • Mark measured all the coil resistances for the LVDTs and steppers on the PI to check everything was wired properly.
  • Hirata-san received the outrigger plates for the LBB black from additional machining to add helicoils but discovered that they were not M16 fine pitch but M16 regular. He sent them off again to be corrected.
  • Mark and Hirata-san inspected the vacuum tank and discovered that the top section is on backwards relative to the 3D CAD so that the jacks supporting the tank and the jacks supporting the PI via bellows are interchanged. We decided that, for the test hang, we would put the suspension in with a 135° anticlockwise rotation (instead of a 45° clockwise one). For the final hang, we will build the suspension with the BS/RM section backwards.
  • Fabian moved the F0 trim mass from on top of the F0 keystone and anchored it to the SF, keeping about 0.5 kg in reserve to allow for the weight of the SF-PI cables.
  • Enzo, Fabian and Hirata-san rearranged the in-air cabling for the OSEMs to match changes to the in-vacuum cables.
  • Hirata-san assembled the rods for the LBB and LBB damper.
  • Mark released new editions of E1503600 (BS circuit diagram) and E1503901 (in-vacuum cable detail) and updated Sato-san's cable spreadsheet.

Plan for coming weeks

For more detail, see KAGRA/Subgroups/VIS/TypeB/ToDo.

Week of 6/6:

  • Cabling:
    • Finish moving in-air cabling to match feedthrough positions.
    • Cable and test PI vertical LVDT.
    • Calibrate PI vertical LVDT.
    • Set yoke on PI vertical LVDT (if necessary).
    • Cable and test PI yaw stepper.
    • Cable and test PI vertical stepper.
    • Cable and test PI horizontal steppers.
    • Cable and test PI horizontal LVDTs.
    • Calibrate PI horizontal LVDTs.

Week of 6/12:

  • Remove -Y flange cover, replace with cloth cover (or foil).
  • Prepare LBB.
    • Wipe LBB.
    • Loosen or remove LBB hold-down bolts.
    • Attach LBB outriggers and rod receptacles.
    • Lay out slings for LBB damper rings.
  • Prepare LBB damper support.
    • Install rods for LBB magnet ring.
    • Install safety rods for LBB Cu ring.
  • Prepare LBB Cu ring.
    • Pass into tank.
    • Reassemble on top of slings.
    • Lay down spacers to protect magnets (in next step).
  • Prepare LBB magnet ring.
    • Assemble temporarily.
    • Attach magnets with template.
    • Disassemble.
    • Pass into tank.
    • Reassemble on top of Cu ring.
  • Install LBB damper.
    • Pass sling ends through loops to bind LBB damper rings.
    • Remove vacuum tank lid and ring.
    • Crane rings up to install height, hook LBB magnet ring and support LBB Cu ring by TBD method.
  • Crane suspension into tank.
  • Hook LBB.
  • Crane vacuum tank lid+ring black on.
  • Remove vacuum tank lid (only).
  • Remove port covers where feedthroughs will go, move feedthroughs from assembly frame and install on vacuum tank ring.
  • Cabling, cabling, cabling.

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