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 * We recounted the used and spare cables now that the in-vacuum cabling appears to be final.

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Past week report

At Kamioka (Mark, Fabian, Enzo, Hirata-san):

  • Hirata-san and Mark reversed the support ring for the LBB damper to match the reversed suspension.
  • Hirata-san did a trial assembly of the magnet ring for the LLB damper and placed magnets on it with the template.
  • Hirata-san and Mark put the base pieces for the Cu ring in the chamber. However it turns out that the holes for attaching the joint pieces are incompletely threaded and we will have to run a tap through them.
  • We tested the geophones. At first one didn't work at all. This turned out to be a broken wire in one of the in-vacuum adapter cables. For the test we replaced the adapter with an old-style one (and removed the matching descrambler). A second geophone mostly works but saturates at a suspiciously low number of counts at the ADC (2000 instead of 20000).
  • We tested the PI horizontal LVDTs. The #1 (H2) one works but cable swaps showed that #0 and #2 have issues both at the tank end and at the card.
  • We decided on a final location for the stepper and pico drivers on the second floor. We moved the cables for the stepper drivers (using the outside cable trays) and laid new LAN and AC cables for the picos.
  • We recounted the used and spare cables now that the in-vacuum cabling appears to be final.

Plan for coming weeks

For more detail, see KAGRA/Subgroups/VIS/TypeB/ToDo.

Week of 6/12:

  • Cabling:
    • Debug/fix PI vertical LVDTs #0 and #2.
    • Calibrate PI vertical LVDT.
    • Debug/fix geophone #1.
    • Set yoke on PI vertical LVDT (if necessary).
    • Cable and test PI yaw stepper.
    • Cable and test PI vertical stepper.
    • Cable and test PI horizontal steppers.
    • Cable and test PI horizontal LVDTs.
    • Calibrate PI horizontal LVDTs.
  • Prepare LBB.
    • Attach LBB outriggers and rod receptacles.
  • Prepare LBB Cu ring.
    • Remove from tank, fix incompletely threaded holes, reinstall in tank.
    • Lay down spacers to protect magnets (in next step).
  • Prepare LBB magnet ring.
    • Disassemble.
    • Pass pieces into tank.
    • Reassemble on top of Cu ring.
  • Install LBB damper.
    • Bind LBB damper rings together with slings.
    • Remove vacuum tank lid and ring.
    • Crane rings up to install height, hook LBB magnet ring and support LBB Cu ring by TBD method.
  • Crane suspension into tank.
  • Hook LBB Cu ring.
  • Hook LBB.
  • Crane vacuum tank lid+ring black on.
  • Remove vacuum tank lid (only).
  • Remove port covers where feedthroughs will go, move feedthroughs from assembly frame and install on vacuum tank ring.
  • Reconnect in-air cables.

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