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 * Finish disassembly.
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 * Remove LBB rings.

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Past week report

At Kamioka (Mark, Enzo, Hirata-san, Yoshioka-kun):

  • We lubricated the stuck screw at the top of the security structure with stuck and were able to remove it.
  • Enzo disconnected and removed or coiled many in-vac cables at the PI level to free it.
  • We craned the PI. There was a minor safety incident - see below.
  • Hirata-san set up the filter service area, and we moved in a BF intended for one of the SRs (BF#3).
  • Fabian and Hirata-san worked out a method for characterizing a single spring, and Fabian finished characterizing the first one.
  • We did a big tidy-up and clean-up of the area, especially the corner where we intended to do the gluing.
  • We set up the BS gluing jigs and applied the glue. We will check the results on Monday.

Plan for week of 7/24

Full team at Kamioka from Mon-Fri, except Hirata-san (Tue-Fri) and Enzo (vacation).

  • Check results of gluing.
  • Finish disassembly.
  • Finish BF rebuild.
  • Remove LBB rings.
  • Recheck alignment of assembly frame and centering of optical table.
  • Install IM, suspend BS and RM.

Plan for week of 7/31

Full team at Kamioka from Mon-Fri, except Fabian (Mon-Thu) and Enzo (vacation).

  • Weigh/trim BS/RM/IM.
  • Bring in rebuilt BF.

Vacation Info: Hirata-san: Thu 7/20 through Mon 7/24 Enzo: Sat 7/22 through Sun 8/6 Fabian: Fri 8/4 through Mon 8/21 Mark: TBD Mid-Oct

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