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 * We suspended the BS and set its height and pitch.
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Vacation: Enzo (Mon), Fabian (Mon-Fri)<<BR>>
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Mitaka: Hirata-san (Mon-Fri)<<BR>>
Vacation: Enzo (Mon), Fabian (Mon-Fri)<<BR>>
 * Finish hanging BS
 * Adjust RM OSEMs; add new RM cable clamp piece.
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 * Run new (longer) OSEM cables.
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Mitaka: Hirata-san (Mon-Fri)<<BR>>
 * SR stuff.
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Vacation: Fabian (Mon-Fri)
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 * Bring in BF and hang BS/RM/IM/IRM.
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Vacation: Fabian (Mon-Fri)
 * SR Stuff?

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Past week report

At Kamioka (Mark, Fabian, Hirata-san, Yoshioka-kun):

  • We reconfigured the top of the assembly frame.
  • We cleaned the assembly frame, blowing dust out of the grooves and wiping all surfaces.
  • We recentered the optic table in the bottom of the frame and adjusted the frame until the top was centered over the optic table. We also recentered the trolleys.
  • We re-installed, centered and leveled the IM.
  • We solved two issues with the new wire clamps:
    • Some holes were not properly threaded - Hirata-san retapped them.
    • Some locating pins were loose - we glued them.
  • We mounted the BS mirror box on the trolley and brought it under the IM.
  • We installed the winch system and the 300 µm wires for the BS.
  • We set up the optical lever.
  • Hirata-san finished the new BF. We moved the old BF out of the cleanbooth and the new one in.
  • We suspended the BS and set its height and pitch.

Plan for week of 8/7

Site closure: Friday
Vacation: Enzo (Mon), Fabian (Mon-Fri)
Kamioka: Mark (Mon-Thu), Enzo (Tue-Thu), Yoshioka-kun (Tue, Wed), Ohishi (TBD).

  • Adjust RM OSEMs; add new RM cable clamp piece.
  • Hang RM.
  • Run new (longer) OSEM cables.
  • Weigh/trim BS/RM/IM.
  • Suspend BS/RM/IM, add IRM.
  • Lay new in-air OSEM cables.

Mitaka: Hirata-san (Mon-Fri)

  • SR stuff.

Plan for week of 8/14

Site closure: Mon, Tue
Vacation: Fabian (Mon-Fri) Kamioka: Mark (Wed-Fri), Enzo (Wed-Fri), Yoshioka-kun (Wed, Fri), Ohishi (TBD).

  • Bring in BF and hang BS/RM/IM/IRM.

Mitaka: Hirata-san (Mon-Fri)

  • SR Stuff?

Vacation Info: Enzo: Sat 7/22 through Sun 8/6 Fabian: Fri 8/4 through Mon 8/21 Mark: TBD Mid-Oct

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