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 * Try TFs with optical sensors.  * (Time permitting) Try TFs with optical sensors.
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 *  * Suspend BF/IRM/IM/RM/BS.
 * Install SF cap; route cables.
 * Lift and weigh SF/BF/IRM/IM/RM/BS.
 * Adjust SF ballast.

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Past week report

At Kamioka (Mark, Ohishi-san, Enzo, Yoshioka-kun, Kozu-kun):

  • We removed the LBB damper rings from the tank and passed them to Takahashi-san for recleaning. Unfortunately two screws galled, one holding on a Cu segment, and one holding on a joint piece.
  • We removed the LBB blade units from the PI, removed the blades and shipped them off for rework.
  • We pulled out all the old in-air cabling.
  • We laid about 9 new in-air cables.
  • We wrapped/labelled the BS mirror box, the winch system, the trolley adapters, and many other tools that we do not expect to use any time soon.
  • We connected up, tested and calibrated the BF LVDT.
  • We adjusted the ballast mass on the IM to make it hang level and at the right height. However we had to reduce the weight by a further 686 g relative to the plan of 2017-08-09. We found a combination that was good except for the fact that it used round masses on the bottom corners, so we decided to have the 641 g rectangular masses cut down by 60 g each. Mesco was able to do this within 24 hours. We will reclean the parts on Friday afternoon and swap them in on Monday.

At Mitaka (Hirata-san:

  • Hirata-san got a quotation about optical bench from Mirapro and contacted them about reducing cost.
  • He asked Suzuki-san (Tokyo university) to order them (delivery date is 10/24, so far).
  • He modified SR assembly frame design (from Fabian) and asked Mirapro for quotation.
  • He liaised with Koshin-shoko about modification of BS LBB blade springs.
  • He asked ATC for making t4.5 ballast mass for PR. He washed them and sent them to Kamioka with the PR thrust bearing.
  • He worked on the 3D model of SR3 SUS wires, and making a list for quotation.

Plan for week of 8/21

Vacation: Fabian (Mon)
Internship: Kozu-kun (Mon-Fri)

Kamioka: Mark, Ohishi, Fabian (Tue-Fri), Enzo, Yoshioka-kun (Tue, Wed, Fri).

  • Swap in new IM ballast masses; readjust height and levelness.
  • Install side panels of IRM and OSEMs.
  • Route IRM OSEM cables, test/adjust IRM OSEMs.
  • Add BF cap; cable and test BF-1 and BF-2 picos.
  • Lift and weigh BF/IRM/IM/RM/BS; adjust ballast mass.
  • Crane in SF.
  • (Time permitting) Try TFs with optical sensors.

Mitaka: Hirata-san.

  • SR stuff.

Plan for week of 8/28

Kamioka: Mark, Ohishi, Fabian, Enzo, Hirata-san, Yoshioka-kun (Tue, Wed, Fri), Kozu-kun.

  • Suspend BF/IRM/IM/RM/BS.
  • Install SF cap; route cables.
  • Lift and weigh SF/BF/IRM/IM/RM/BS.
  • Adjust SF ballast.

Vacation Info

Fabian: Fri 8/4 through Mon 8/21 Mark: TBD Mid-Oct

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