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 * We solved the problem with the OSEMs: cables had been plugged into the confusingly named "PD current monitor" outputs (actually LED current monitors), not the "OSEM outputs".
 * We solved a problem with the real-time model freezing which turned out to be the IO chassis having lost power.
 * We took some mass off the IM to allow for the weight of the cables, and readjusted it in pitch and roll.
 * We aligned the IRM to the IM and set the OSEMs to mid-range.
 * We added ballast to the BF.
 * We changed the receptacles for the SF-BF rod. The low receptacle did not fit properly into the BF keystone and Hirata-san had to file it.
 * We fixed a broken wire on the BF yaw pico, retested the pico and added the BF cap.
 * We cabled and tested the BF cap picos.
 * We lifted the BF and weighed and balanced it.
 * We installed the SF ring and brought in the SF.
 * We installed the Cu segments on the SF.
 * We cabled the SF LVDT and did a quick test (not a full calibration).
 * We replaced non-vacuum compatible cables in the PI, removed various sticky labels and wiped it with ethanol.
 * We tried to hook the SF-BF rod but found the hole in the hex cable clamp was too small for the 8 mm rod head. We enlarged the hole but then found the PEEK pieces were too loose. We tried using foil, but then managed to lose a PEEK piece into the BF, so we will need to remove the cap of the BF to get it.

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Past week report

At Kamioka (Mark, Ohishi-san, Fabian, Enzo, Hirata-san, Yoshioka-kun, Kozu-kun):

Plan for week of 9/4

Mark, Fabian, Enzo (Tue-Fri), Ohishi-san, Hirata-san, Yoshioka-kun (Tue, Wed, Fri), Kozu-kun (Thu, Fri)

  • Retrieve PEEK piece from BF.
  • Crane SF back in.
  • Suspend BF/IRM/IM/RM/BS.
  • Test SF FR.
  • Calibrate SF LVDT.
  • Install SF cap; route cables.
  • Lift and weigh SF/BF/IRM/IM/RM/BS.
  • Adjust SF ballast.

Plan for week of 9/13

Mark (except Wed), Fabian (except ASJ), Enzo, Ohishi-san, Hirata-san, Yoshioka-kun (Tue, Wed, Fri), Kozu-kun

  • Prepare magnet ring.
  • Bring in PI.
  • Route cables.
  • Suspend SF/..., adjust tilt of SF and total mass.
  • Adjust damper gap.

Vacation Info

Mark: 10/16-24

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