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At Kamioka (Mark, Ohishi-san, Fabian, Enzo, Hirata-san, Yoshioka-kun): At Kamioka (Mark, Ohishi-san, Enzo, Hirata-san, Yoshioka-kun):
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At Mitaka (Fabian, Hirata-san):
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==== Plan for week of 10/2 ====
 * Design ballast for LBB.
 * Design improved PI yaw adjustment.
 * SR procurement.
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 * SR procurement.
 * Design ballast for LBB.
 * Continue design of improved PI yaw adjustment, also improved F0 FR.
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Kamioka: all but Mark Kamioka: all but Mark, Hirata-san
Mitaka: Hirata-san
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 * SR procurement

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Past week report

At Kamioka (Mark, Ohishi-san, Enzo, Hirata-san, Yoshioka-kun):

  • We moved or covered stuff in the BS cleanbooth to prepare for the SR2 crane slot cutting and BS-> SR2 assembly frame move.

  • We put the service port covers back on at the BF level of the BS tank.
  • We used the PI jacks to center the bottom of the security structure around the RM.
  • We debugged a mechanical issue where the #2 IP LVDT had too narrow a gap between the moving and fixed parts, so that there was interference with only a very small clockwise yaw of the IP. We fixed it by moving the bottom baseplate (taking advantage of the fact that it was held by screws in oversize holes for this purpose).
  • We used the IP FRs to center the IP.
  • We set the gains on the IP LVDT driver.
  • We tested the picos and most of the steppers. The picos and IP steppers all work nicely. The PI FR and yaw steppers have jamming issues. We haven't tested the BF and SF FR steppers.
  • We debugged an issue with one of the geophones (#1) which has a DC offset. We did cable swaps and determined that the issue is internal to the geophone pod. A second geophone (#2) saturates at a suspiciously small voltage on the negative side. Again the issue is internal.

At Mitaka (Fabian, Hirata-san):

  • Fabian designed an improvement to the PI yaw stepper driver mount to stop the stepper jamming.
  • Fabian worked on a plan to measure the load capacity of the SR PIs.
  • Hirata-san did 2D drawings of the PI for the SR, and of SF2 and SRM in their vacuum chambers.
  • Hirata-san did drawings if the SR LBB damper rings and asked for quotes.
  • Hirata-san asked for quotes for SR secondary wire breakers and SR IM/IRM lock screws
  • Hirata-san ordered SR IM wire clamps.
  • Hirata-san worked on parts lists for SR cable clamps.

Plan for week of 10/10

Kamioka: Mark, Fabian, Enzo, Ohishi-san, Kozu-kun. Mitaka: Hirata-san Holiday Mon 10/9, Open Day prep Fri 10/13.

  • Tune IP, do LVDT/stepper calibration.
  • Remove First Contact, try OL.
  • TFs, final preparation for alignment in week of 10/16.
  • SR procurement.
  • Design ballast for LBB.
  • Continue design of improved PI yaw adjustment, also improved F0 FR.

Plan for week of 10/16

Kamioka: all but Mark, Hirata-san Mitaka: Hirata-san

  • Work with alignment team.
  • SR procurement

Vacation Info

Mark: 10/16-24

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