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 * Mark 12/22-1/3
 * Enzo, 12/21-12/27 (but ''not'' 12/28)
 * Fabian 12/22-1/5
 * Enzo 1/30-2/19

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Past week report

  • Mark created screens and a macro.txt file for the SR2 and linked to them from the VIS screen.
  • Enzo and Mark did a new overview screen for the BS.
  • Enzo added DIO cards to the rack and connected them to the coil drivers.
  • Fabian and Kozu-kun finished assembling the IM and tested the picos over their full range.
  • Mark and Hirata-san configured and aligned the assembly frame and optical table and craned in the IM ring.
  • Hirata-san noticed some oxidization on several of the L-brackets that will hold the IM horizontally, and we should get them cleaned or machined, but we can probably continue with hanging the system in the meantime.

Plan for week of 12/25

  • Power outage 12/25.
  • Mark, Enzo, Fabian vacation
  • Shoda-san, Kozu-kun, Hirata-san at Kamioka - Hirata-san from Tue, others TBD.
  • Recover after power outage.
  • Create SR2 real-time model.
  • Install new jack receptacles (in SR3 area, second floor) on load gauge adapter (SR2 area, second floor). (Hirata-san)
  • Weigh IM (per Fabian's note in the paper log).
  • Remove L-brackets from bars on IM ring - send for cleaning/remachining.
  • Setup OL for checking pitch of SR.
  • Wipe/blow dust off SR2 frame.
  • Crane IM into frame.

Plan for week of 1/9

  • Mark, Fabian, Enzo, Shoda-san at Kamioka Tue-Fri.
  • Hang SR and RM.

Vacation Info

  • Enzo 1/30-2/19

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