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 * Get screws for ballast mass from Takahashi-san.
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 * Set up for F0 test.

==== Plan for week of 2/5 ====
 * Enzo on vacation; all others at Kamioka.

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Report for week of 1/15

  • We swapped in the other available BF, and it was rather better: only 0.3 mm of keystone tilt rather than 1.3 mm. We will use it for the SR2 and then think about whether we want to use or rebuild the original one.
  • We finished the preparation of the second BF, setting the yoke, adding the new-style cable clamps etc.
  • We changed the 1.6 mm sockets on the BF LVDT cable to 1.0 mm ones to match the pins on the LVDT wires. The specification of the cable in D1503901 was apparently wrong. We will update it (today) before doing the cable order for the SR3 and SRM.
  • We received, unpacked and temporarily stored a shipment of weights and other parts that will be used to check the load capacity of the top filters.
  • We updated the BS real-time model and screens, adding support for a damping filter common to both the OL-TM and OL-IM paths, per Izumi-san's suggestion in G1807653.
  • We set up the router for the SR2 rack and got the SR2_IM pico driver and both stepper motors on the network (the SR2_BF pico is still on order).

Plan for week of 1/29

  • Enzo at Mitaka 1/29 and most of 1/30, then vacation.
  • Kozu-kun away.
  • All others at Kamioka.
  • Make in-air pico adapter cables.
  • Test IM picos and BF yaw pico.
  • Calibrate LVDT.
  • Get screws for ballast mass from Takahashi-san.
  • Install ballast mass in BF.
  • Set up for F0 test.

Plan for week of 2/5

  • Enzo on vacation; all others at Kamioka.
  • Build IRM around IM.
  • Cable/test/adjust IM OSEMs.
  • Time permitting, do TFs from IM OSEMs to themselves and to optical sensor.

Vacation Info

  • Enzo 1/30-2/19 (at Mitaka 1/29, part of 1/30)
  • Kozu-kun 1/29-2/2

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