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Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Report for week of 1/29

  • We moved the top filter intended for SR2 (#1) into the SR3 cleanbooth.
  • Unfortunately we noticed one of the blades had many small X-shaped stress fractures on the top surface (klog 4058).

  • We moved the top filter entered for SR3 (#3) into the SRM cleanbooth and inspected the blades. Two had one smallish stress fracture each and one had a huge fracture and looks close to failing (klog 4061).

  • We referred the BS OL.
  • We removed the BS tank lid and inspected the BS top filter blades. They seemed fine (klog 4073).

  • Hirata-san received and washed some ferromagnetic disks for IM flags and other small parts.
  • Hirata-san moved the BF with the tilted keystone (#1) out of the cleanbooth in preparation for rebuilding.
  • Hirata-san placed the second order for payload parts, and an order for remachining of nuts for cable clamps on rods.
  • Fabian measured the gain of the ADC system (homework from the Commissioning Workshop).

Plan for week of 2/5

Enzo on vacation; all others at Kamioka.

  • Make in-air pico adapter cables.
  • Calibrate LVDT.
  • Test IM picos and BF yaw pico.
  • Test FR.
  • Install ballast mass in BF.
  • Build IRM around IM.
  • Cable/test/adjust IM OSEMs.
  • Time permitting, do TFs from IM OSEMs to themselves and to optical sensor.

Plan for week of 2/13

  • No work Monday (建国記念の日の振替休日)

  • Enzo on vacation
  • Hirata-san at Mitaka Tue, Wed (to receive and wash parts).
  • All others at Kamioka.
  • -
  • Lift BF/IM/IRM/RM/TM and check total mass and balance.
  • Test BF picos.

Vacation Info

  • Enzo 1/30-2/19 (at Mitaka 1/29, part of 1/30)
  • Kozu-kun 1/29-2/2

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