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 * SR3 rack setup.

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Report for week of 1/29

  • Fabian and Kozu-kun tested the FR stepper, and calibrated the keystone height as a function of FR position.
  • Fabian, Hirata-san and Kozu-kun installed and adjusted the IRM, IM OSEMs and associated cables.
  • Mark derived the diagonalization matrices for SR, posted them as T1807663 and entered them in the on-line system.

  • Mark fixed the GASALL screen, which had some elements hardwired to BS and did not work for SR2.
  • Mark initialized the watchdog section of the SR2 model (filters, thresholds etc).
  • Mark re-entered the IM OSEM2EUL offsets and gains, which had been entered by Enzo, but had not been saved and had been lost.
  • Mark identified and fixed a bug in the SF2 whereby the watchdog trigger was derived from the AND of the error signals from the various stages instead of the OR. Thus all stages would have to overload before the watchdog tripped. All other VIS models were similarly affected, and all affected library parts have been fixed, but the other models need to be rebuilt, which should be done at the earliest opportunity, e.g., early next week after the scheduled power outage on Sun 2/18.
  • Mark fixed the indicators for the watchdog on the OVERALL screen, which also had bad logic.
  • Mark tried using Shoda-san's measurement script to do TFs. It ran successfully, but the first data set was no good because of two issues: the excitation was apparently too large (even after a reduction by 20) and the SENSALIGN matrix was not initialized.
  • Hirata-san negotiated with Kimura-san to get the SRM tank mushroom installed (this will probably happen from Tue on the week of 3/5).

Plan for week of 2/19

  • Shoda-san at Mitaka.
  • Hirata-san at Mitaka Mon+Tue (to receive and wash parts), then Kamioka Wed-Fri.
  • Enzo back from Tuesday, at Kamioka.
  • Kozu-kun at Kamioka but limited availability (preparing poster).
  • All others at Kamioka.
  • -
  • Do TFs from IM OSEMs to IM OSEMs, OL pitch/yaw.
  • Sort out cables per Enzo's master plan.
  • Lift BF/... section and check total mass and balance.
  • Cable and test BF picos.
  • Add section of SS up to SF ring.
  • Bring in SF.
  • Hook BF/... section.
  • Route cables up to under SF.
  • Check/adjust total mass of BF/... section.

Plan for week of 2/26

  • Shoda-san at Mitaka.
  • -
  • Add Cu segments to SF cap.
  • Lift SF/... section and check total mass and balance.

Plan for week of 3/5

  • Shoda-san at Mitaka.
  • Hirata-san vacation Mon 3/5, then Kamioka
  • Others at Kamioka.
  • -
  • Get SRM tank mushroom section installed (Hirata-san, Kimura-san)
  • SR3 rack setup.

Plan for week of 3/12

  • Shoda-san at Mitaka.
  • Mark at ASJ (Chiba) Fri 3/16.
  • Hirata-san vacation Mon 3/5, then Kamioka

Plan for week of 3/19

  • Mark at LVC meeting
  • Shoda-san at Mitaka

Plan for week of 3/26

  • Mark ????
  • Shoda-san, Fabian at Mitaka
  • Others ???

To-Do Lists, Schedule

Vacation Info

  • Enzo 1/30-2/19.
  • Hirata-san vacation Mon 3/5
  • Fabian 4/2-4/27 vacation (then gone).

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