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==== Plan for week of 2/26 ====
 * Shoda-san at Mitaka.
 * -
 * Enzo at Mitaka Mon 2/26.
 * '''Remove LBB temporary ballast masses from BS chamber.'''
 * Route cables up to under SF.
 * Check/adjust total mass and balance of BF/... section, especially IM OSEMs.
 * Cable and calibrate SF LVDT.
 * Add Cu segments to SF cap.
 * Install cap.
 * Lift SF/... section and check total mass and balance.
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 * '''Remove LBB temporary ballast masses from BS chamber.'''
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 * Weigh SF/... section.  * Lift SF/... section and check total mass and balance.

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Report for week of 2/26

  • We routed all the cables from the BF level up via the flying saucer to the SF.
  • Hirata-san tried filing the SF cap to improve the fit, but without much success.
  • Hirata-san installed the Cu segments and cable clamps on the SF cap and the SF LVDT and FR cables.
  • We cabled and tested the BF cap picos and the SF LVDT and FR. (The LVDT still needs a full calibration.)
  • We worked on recovering the IM OSEM alignment.

Plan for week of 3/5

  • Shoda-san at Mitaka.
  • Hirata-san vacation Mon 3/5, then Kamioka
  • Others at Kamioka.
  • -
  • Remove LBB temporary ballast masses from BS chamber.

  • Finish recovering IM OSEM alignment.
  • Calibrate SF LVDT.
  • Lift SF/... section and check total mass and balance.
  • Get SRM tank mushroom section installed (Hirata-san, Kimura-san)
  • Set up for rebuilding of two BFs.

Plan for week of 3/12

  • Shoda-san at Mitaka.
  • Mark at ASJ (Chiba) Fri, then Mitaka.
  • Hirata-san vacation Mon 3/5; Kamioka Tue-Thu; Mitaka Fri
  • Others Kamioka Mon-Thu
  • Install boxes in SR3 and SRM racks.
  • Lay SR3 in-air cabling.
  • Continue rebuild of BFs.

Plan for week of 3/19

  • Mark at LVC meeting
  • All others at Mitaka
  • Make two sets of IM OSEMs
  • Make last in-air pico adapter cable
  • Make three in-air stepper splitter cables for SR2, SR3 and SRM.
  • Set up Dummy BS prism removal.

Plan for week of 3/26

  • Mark vacation.
  • Shoda-san at Mitaka
  • Others at Kamioka
  • --
  • F0 Prototype Blade Test
    • Characterize blades.
    • Choose best set of three.
    • Remove cracked blades from filter in SRM area.
    • Set up test weights in SRM area, first floor.
    • Remove floor panel in SRM area, second floor.
    • Install chosen blades.
    • Measure load capacity.

To-Do Lists, Schedule

Vacation Info

  • Mark at LVC, then vacation, 3/18 (Sun) - 4/1 (Sun)
  • Hirata-san vacation, Mon 3/5.
  • Fabian vacation, 3/26-4/27 (then gone).

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