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==== Plan for week of ====
 * Shoda-san at Mitaka.
 * Hirata-san vacation Mon 3/5, then Kamioka
 * Fabian Mitaka Mon-Tue (COMSOL training), Kamioka Wed-Fri.
 * Others at Kamioka.
 * -
 * '''Remove LBB temporary ballast masses from BS chamber.'''
 * Finish recovering IM OSEM alignment.
 * Calibrate SF LVDT.
 * Lift SF/... section and check total mass and balance.
 * Get SRM tank mushroom section installed (Hirata-san, Kimura-san)
 * Set up for rebuilding of two BFs.
 * ?? Finish recovering IM OSEM alignment.
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 * F2F VIS Meeting and Farewell Party for Fabian at Mitaka on Friday.
 * --
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 * --

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Report for week of 3/5

  • We removed the non-vacuum-compatible ballast mass from the BS tank.
  • We secured all the PR2 feedthrough connections with screws.
  • We grabbed an extra empty rack for SRM and set it up next to the one for SR3 (we will stuff them next week).
  • We calibrated the SR2 SF LVDT and FR.
  • We put the SF cap on and lifted and weighed the SF/... section.
  • We moved the filter building bench and tools into the SRM area and started the rebuild of the two remaining BFs (the one from the BS Test Hang and the one with the tilted keystone).
  • Mark finished -v2 of the schedule (L1807779).

  • Mark worked on slides for the ASJ and LVC meetings.
  • Sawada-san postponed the SRM mushroom work to next week and offloaded it to Mirapro.
  • ?? Finish recovering IM OSEM alignment.

Plan for week of 3/12

  • Shoda-san at Mitaka.
  • Mark at ASJ (Chiba) Fri, then Mitaka.
  • Hirata-san vacation Mon 3/5; Kamioka Tue-Thu; Mitaka Fri
  • Others Kamioka Mon-Thu
  • F2F VIS Meeting and Farewell Party for Fabian at Mitaka on Friday.
  • --
  • Install boxes in SR3 and SRM racks.
  • Lay SR3 in-air cabling.
  • Continue rebuild of BFs.

Plan for week of 3/19

  • Mark at LVC meeting
  • All others at Mitaka
  • --
  • Make two sets of IM OSEMs
  • Make last in-air pico adapter cable
  • Make three in-air stepper splitter cables for SR2, SR3 and SRM.
  • Set up Dummy BS prism removal.

Plan for week of 3/26

  • Mark vacation.
  • Shoda-san at Mitaka
  • Others at Kamioka
  • --
  • F0 Prototype Blade Test
    • Characterize blades.
    • Choose best set of three.
    • Remove cracked blades from filter in SRM area.
    • Set up test weights in SRM area, first floor.
    • Remove floor panel in SRM area, second floor.
    • Install chosen blades.
    • Measure load capacity.

To-Do Lists, Schedule

Vacation Info

  • Mark at LVC, then vacation, 3/18 (Sun) - 4/1 (Sun)
  • Hirata-san vacation, Mon 3/5.
  • Fabian vacation, 3/26-4/27 (then gone).

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