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 * Hirata-san vacation, Mon 3/5.

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Report for week of 3/12

  • We helped Mirapro close up the BS tank, and did last minute checks and adjustments, including using the fishing rods to reset the GAS keystones to mid-range according to the LVDTs. (The F0 had risen so far (≈7 mm) due to temperature changes that it was touching the upper keystone stop screws and defeating the vibration isolation. We operated the F0 FR manually while the tank lid was off.)
  • We installed electronic boxes in the SR3 and SRM racks. Enzo set the phases and gains on the LVDT drivers for both racks. Rack internal cabling and in-air cabling to SR3 still needs to be done.
  • Hirata-san disassembled two BFs (one SF BF with a tilted keystone and the BS Test Hang BF) and characterized all 10 available SR BF blades. He found they fell into a group of 6 strong ones and a group of 4 weak ones, so he divided the 6 into two matched sets and rebuilt the two filters.
  • We noticed that the bottom level of SR2 suspension had developed a significant yaw (enough to foul on the security structure), probably introduced when we picked the chain up to weigh it, so we lifted the suspension again and corrected it.
  • We aligned the SR2 ready for TFs. We noticed that the IM/... section had a noticeable roll (≈20 mrad) but we were unable to correct it with the IM roll pico (the pico runs but the roll does not change, probably because there is too much friction for the mass return spring). We will see if the TFs look OK and then decide whether to try correcting the roll.
  • We gathered items for OSEM assembly by Enzo, Shoda-san and others at Mitaka next week, and for geophone assembly by Fujii-kun and Kozu-kun at Kamioka. Hirata-san ordered some M8x35 screws that we didn't have enough of.
  • We took delivery of the blade bases for the LBB dampers.
  • Hirata-san packed up two SF caps (the original one from the SR2 SF) and a spare, for remachining by Mirapro. He also packed up the dummy BS and arranged for Ishizaki-san to take it to Mitaka for soaking off of the sapphire prisms.

Plan for week of 3/19

  • Fujii-kun and Tanioka-kun join.
  • Mark at LVC meeting
  • Fujii-kun at Kamioka (including Wed 3/21)
  • Kozu-kun at Kamioka Mon-Tue.
  • All others at Mitaka
  • --
  • SR2 TFs and control loop development (Shoda-san and Enzo).
  • Assemble four geophone pods (Fujii-kun and Kozu-kun at Kamioka).
  • Make two sets of IM OSEMs (Shoda-san and Enzo)
  • Make last in-air pico adapter cable (Enzo).
  • Make three in-air stepper splitter cables for SR2, SR3 and SRM (Enzo).
  • Set up dummy BS prism removal (Hirata-san).

Plan for week of 3/26

  • Mark vacation.
  • Shoda-san at Mitaka
  • Others at Kamioka
  • --
  • Lay SR3 in-air cabling (Enzo +1).
  • Finish rebuild of second BF (Hirata-san).
  • SF Check (Hirata-san).
    • Check load capacity.
    • Check fit of caps.
    • Add cable clamps to bases.
    • Add cable clamps and Cu segments to caps (only if they fit well).
    • Cable LVDTs and steppers.

To-Do Lists, Schedule

Vacation Info

  • Mark at LVC, then vacation, 3/18 (Sun) - 4/1 (Sun)
  • Fabian vacation, 3/26-4/27 (then gone).

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