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 * Shoda-san at Mitaka  * Shoda-san, Fujii-kun at Mitaka
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 * Shoda-san at Mitaka
 * Fujii-san at Mitaka?
 * Mark, Enzo at Kamioka
 * Shoda-san, Tanioka-san at Mitaka
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 * Tanioka-san at Mitaka?  * Mark, Enzo, Fujii-kun, Kozu-kun at Kamioka

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Report for week of 4/9

  • Mark glued prisms and magnet/standoff assemblies on the SR3. The SR3 needed to be raised in the box by 0.7 mm to make the prisms go on at the right height, which was done using M4 washers under the PEEK feet.
  • Mark glued ferromagnetic disks on the last 5 IM flags. This completes 2 sets, for SR3 and SRM.
  • Mark configured two pico motor drivers ordered by Takahashi-san as SR3-IM and SRM-BF.
  • Enzo and Kozu-kun finished preparing and calibrating the SF and BF for SR3 and almost entirely finished with those for SRM.
  • Hirata-san worked on building two IMs for SR3 and SRM. The SR3 one just needs to have flags attached and to be weighed; the SRM needs another few hours work.
  • Shoda-san worked on the design of the metal SRM, on the LBB ballast mass, and on the plans for testing the BS in bKAGRA Phase 1.

Plan for week of 4/16

  • Shoda-san, Fujii-kun at Mitaka
  • Tanioka-san at Kamioka Tue-Thu
  • Others at Kamioka full week
  • --
  • Move SF and BF for SRM out of the way.
  • Check results of gluing.
  • Build 1xRM
  • Calibrate OSEMs.
  • Start SR3 Hang
    • Reset assembly frame crossbars to correct heights.
    • Center the optical table.
    • Align the assembly frame vertically.
    • Install IM ring and IM.
    • Hang optic.
    • Hang RM.
    • Cable RM OSEMs.

Plan for week of 4/23

  • Shoda-san, Tanioka-san at Mitaka
  • Hirata-san at Mitaka
  • Mark, Enzo, Fujii-kun, Kozu-kun at Kamioka
  • --
  • Clean parts (cable clamp bases, etc, etc).
  • Observe KAGRA Phase 1 operations, assist if problems arise.
  • Continue SR3 hang.

Plan for week of 4/30

  • Golden Week!

To-Do Lists, Schedule

Vacation Info

  • Fabian vacation, 3/26-4/27 (then gone).

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