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==== Report for week of 7/23 ====
 * We finished adding cable clamps to the SR2 PI and SF.
 * We craned in the SR2 PI and installed the PI-SF rod. As expected, there was not quite enough load capacity for even a 2 Cu-segment SF.
 * We changed the CuBe spring on the SR2 PI from an F2 type to an F1 and got about an extra 2 kg, which is plenty for 2 Cu segments.
 * We moved the feedthroughs from the SR3 assembly frame to the SR3 tank. Mirapro then moved the assembly frame to the SRM area. Mirapro also moved the duct on the +Y side of the SR3 tank to give us access to that side.
 * We laid a new set of SR3 in-air cables running directly to the tank. (We will repurpose the original set for SRM.)
 * We reconnected the SR3 cables on both sides of the feedthroughs. We had to adjust the routing of the in-vacuum ones several times to stop them touching the tank, but we finally found a good solution.
 * With help from Ohishi-san we removed the First Contact and then unlocked the whole suspension by stages. We need to check the optic pitch and do a little more mechanical adjustment but we were able to take TFs and implement IM and GAS control filters.
 * Hirata-san and Fujii-kun received most of the SRM metal mass parts, did inventory and practiced some of the key steps in the assembly, especially inserting the Sol-Black coated parts without touching the delicate surfaces.
 * Mark did inventory of the BIO stuff for the WD and of the OL parts.

==== Plan for week of 7/30 ====
==== Report for week of 7/30 ====
==== Plan for week of 8/6 ====
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 * Do TFs with temporary OL.
 * Install final OL.
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 * Identify/acquire items required for final OL (steering mirrors, second QPD, lens, collimator).
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 * Fix issue with PI/SS/chain alignment.
 * Put magnets on SR damper ring (2 Cu segment pattern).
 * Remove PI-SF rod temporarily, install Cu segments and damper ring.
 * Do vertical height budget; choose optimum F0 keystone height.
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 * Set up filter tuning area.  * Assemble metal mass.
 * Glue prisms, flags.
 * Reconfigure, align assembly frame.

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Report for week of 7/30

Plan for week of 8/6

  • Mark, Enzo, Hirata-san, Fabian, Kozu-kun, Terrence, Panwei at Kamioka Mon-Fri.
  • Kozu-kun works at Mozumi Mon, Fri, and Thu afternoon.

  • Finalize optic pitch, OSEM alignment.
  • Do TFs with temporary OL.
  • Install final OL.
  • Hook LBB, add ballast mass, set up temporary OL (horizontal beam, pitch/yaw only).

  • Add estimated final ballast mass.
  • Do PI cable routing.
  • Adjust ballast/trim mass, with reserve for cables.

  • Assemble metal mass.
  • Glue prisms, flags.
  • Reconfigure, align assembly frame.
  • Tune F0 for SRM.
  • Add LBB blade units, cable clamps etc.
  • Check PI coil connections, IP LVDT magnets.

To-Do Lists, Schedule

Vacation Info

  • Terrence: 8/24-26 f2f, then returns to Hong Kong.
  • Enzo: 9/14 JPS, 9/15 through 10/8 vacation in Chile.

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