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===== SR2===== ===== SR2 =====

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Report for week of 10/8

  • This was Panwei's last week (for now at least) - thanks for all the help!
  • Thanks also to Terrence for visiting again for the week.

  • Terrence and Mark finished setting up the LEN half of the OL (Simon had roughly placed the components). They ran a new cable for LEN in the cable tray and relaid the cable for TILT to get it off the floor.
  • Terrence worked on diagonalizing the LEN OL. A report is forthcoming.

  • Mark installed a pair of power supplies in the SRM and copied settings across to the SRM real-time model.
  • Fabian did lots of rack cabling, including installing and connecting BIO cards.
  • Mark and Hirata-san checked and adjusted the pitch of the BF (with a bubble level) and the IM/... section (with the OL.
  • Mark and Panwei installed the sides of the IRM and the IM OSEMs.
  • Hirata-san hung the dummy load from the F0 and started compressing the blade. There was a significant lateral offset (≈2-3 mm towards the blade at 5:30) at first but Takahashi-san advised that it would probably improve with compression, and it did.
  • Mark and Hirata-san cleared off most of two optical tables and a set of shelves in the OMMT area that Type B had been using but were now required by Somiya-san and Ohishi-san. We still need to remove the geophone and OSEM testing setups.

  • Mark, Enzo and Hirata-san all inspected the lower section of the SR2 to see if there were any interference points that might explain some unexpected peaks in the TFs that weren't present before installation. There were no stops touching, but some TM OSEM cables were rubbing against each other. [??? Did the fix work?]
  • We removed the tank lid, and Enzo and Panwei inspected the cabling that had been done during Enzo's vacation and installed some new cables that had arrived. They also unlocked the IP.

Plan for week of 10/15

  • Mark, Enzo, Hirata-san and Fabian at Kamioka Mon-Fri.

  • Continue shakedown.

  • Align IRM with IM.
  • Suspend/weigh/balance the BF/... section.
  • Build up the AF and SS to the SF level.
  • Install the SF.

To-Do Lists, Schedule

Vacation/Visitor Info

  • Terrence: 10/29-11/2 at Kamioka.

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