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 * Mark and Fabian at Kamioka Mon-Thu.
 * Enzo and Hirata-san at Kamioka Tue-Thu.
 * Mark, Hirata-san and Fabian at Kamioka Mon-Thu.
 * Enzo at Kamioka Tue-Thu.

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Report for week of 10/15

  • We received the fourth feedthrough we had been waiting for and installed it on the AF.
  • Fabian added the cables between the FE computer and the ADC/DAC boxes, and we checked that we were getting IO in the real-time model.
  • Fabian and Enzo connected up the Sat Amps.
  • Fabian double-checked the optic pitch, got the IRM nicely aligned to the IM, cabled IM OSEMs V1, V2, V3 and H1, and adjusted those OSEMs in/out to midrange.
  • Hirata-san set the compression on the F0 to 30 mm and measured the height and frequency as a function of load. He then fixed a loose screw on one of the blade tips and repeated the measurement. The frequency was fairly constant at around 0.5, which will do. He did a mass budget and chose a F1 CuBe spring. We may do a tiny bit more compression if the frequency degrades, and/or choose an even stronger spring if the load capacity is not enough.

  • Hirata-san took apart and reassembled one of the LBB blade units, which had a badly seated blade.
  • Hirata-san put cable clamps on the SF and on the PI. We are very short on the PEEK clamp pieces, so he scavenged some from SR2.
  • We added a new LAN hub for SRM, and configured two stepper drivers as SRM_IP and SRM_GAS.
  • Late in the week we received extra Type 3-4 cables (thanks to Sato-san for expediting) and were able to cable IM OSEMs H2 and H3, and the BF LVDT.
  • Enzo made a new batch of feedthrough adapters.

  • We finalized the geophone cabling and reinstalled the geophones.
  • We received the new arc weights, and used some of them to install a basic allotment of 6 38-mm weights on SR3 per the CAD. We then added two extra 19-mm arc weights for tuning and got a good IP frequency of 0.133 Hz.
  • Apart from the F0 yaw stepper issue and the OL, the SR2 is now more-or-less complete and adjusted mechanically, and just needs software work (control loops etc). We will however have to borrow one of the geophones at some point to do a huddle test with the final batch of new geophones (including those for SRM). Terrence can set up the OL in the week of 10/29.

Plan for week of 10/22

  • Friday is NAOJ Open Day Prep - no Kamioka work.
  • Mark, Hirata-san and Fabian at Kamioka Mon-Thu.
  • Enzo at Kamioka Tue-Thu.

  • Do a measurement of how much torque is required on the F0 keystone to move the system in yaw. (This will help Sato-san choose a suitable stepper driver for the new design.)
  • Continue shakedown.
  • Gather parts for the OL (with help from Simon).

  • Scavenge HPCDs from SR2 and SR3 (currently we only have one for SRM) and organize to get LPCDs modified.
  • Suspend/weigh/balance the BF/... section.
  • Build up the AF and SS to the SF level.
  • Install the SF.

Plan for week of 10/29

  • Mark, Enzo, Hirata-san, Fabian and Terrence at Kamioka Mon-Fri.

  • Set up OL.

  • Continue assembly.

To-Do Lists, Schedule

Vacation/Visitor Info

  • Terrence: 10/29-11/2 at Kamioka.

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