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==== Report for week of 10/29 ==== ==== Report for week of 11/12 ====
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==== Plan for week of 11/11 ====
 * Mark, Enzo, Hirata-san and Fabian at Kamioka Mon-Fri.
===== SRM =====
 * Main sequence

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Report for week of 11/12

  • SRM
    • Hirata-san and Mark craned the LBB ring sandwich to the ceiling of the lower half of the tank, and set the heights of the jacks on the upper half.
    • Fabian and Hirata-san finished the in-vacuum cabling.
    • Enzo ran DC power to the second SRM stepper driver and did the rest of the in-air cabling.
    • We're now ready for final tests of the SF/... items and initial tests of the PI items.
    • Enzo and Fujii-kun built three geophones for SRM.
    • Mark worked on the height budget.
  • SR2
    • Enzo experimented with LISO (circuit analysis software which, among other functions, can fit measured TFs with a ZPK model) but then wrote his own fitting software in Python and used it to build Foton models of key TFs of the SR2. (These are in slots FM6-FM8 of the DAMP blocks and should not be accidentally enabled.)

To-Do Lists, Schedule

Plan for week of 11/19

  • Friday 11/23 is Labor Thanksgiving Day.
  • Mark, Enzo and Fabian at Kamioka Mon-Thu.
  • Hirata-san at Kamioka Tue-Thu (Mitaka on Mon for Engineering Promotion Office meeting).

  • Go/no-go test of all electronics items, especially SF/... section.
  • Finish vertical height check and adjust SF trim mass as required.
  • Unlock IP and center roughly.
  • Check/adjust alignment of SS.
  • Calibrate IP LVDTs.
  • Add arc weights and geophones.
  • Improve centering/tuning of IP and SS alignment.
  • Disconnect cables at feedthroughs, lock suspension.
  • Crane into tank.

  • Assist MIF team with pico cables and LBB breadboard ballast.
  • Install SR2 OL pillar and shelf (with AOL supervision)?

Plan for week of 11/26

  • Move SRM in-air cables over to tank.
  • Remove First Contact.
  • Unlock and align SRM.
  • Hook and roughly ballast LBB.

Plan for week of 12/3

  • f2f Meeting at NAOJ - no Kamioka work.

Vacation/Event Info

  • Hirata-san at Mitaka, Mon 11/19 (Engineering Promotion Office meeting).

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