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==== Report for week of 11/19 ==== ==== Report for week of 11/14 ====

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Report for week of 11/14

  • SRM
    • We locked the suspension and craned it into the tank. This is the last Type B tank installation!
    • While inspecting the O-ring between the service ring and the lower section of the tank, Hirata-san found a small nick, so he replaced it. (This will hopefully be the last time that flange is closed, so it needs to be left ready for Mirapro to tighten.)
    • Hirata-san and Fabian removed the First Contact, but found that a tiny piece was left behind. With advice from Hirose-san, they managed to remove it via several rounds of dabbing with an acetone-soaked lens tissue.
    • They removed the IM-RM safety bar, unlocked the lower half of the suspension, and got it reasonably well aligned by eye.
    • They moved the vacuum feedthroughs and in-air cabling over, and reconnected nearly all the electronics. (The in-air cabling will need some tidying later, but
  • SR2
    • Enzo worked on diagonalizing the IP and modeling of the whole suspension. He created Foton filters representing the response of the system in slots FM6-8 of the various filter banks.
    • Enzo and Mark set up the the SR2 OL. We may need to steal the LED back temporarily to do pitch setting on SRM, but we can take some interesting TFs on SR2 over the weekend.
  • SR3
    • Enzo configured a new stepper driver for SR3_IP and returned the one that had been borrowed from SRM. (The original SR3_IP had been used to replace a water-damaged unit on the BS.)
  • Etc
    • Mark got three more MPCDs (M = "medium" or "modified") from AEL and moved coil drivers around until all Type B suspensions had a driver in every position, with MPCDs for IM-H and HPCDs everywhere else. He returned the unused LPCDs.
    • Mark did an inventory of all the Type B electronics and got the various JGW Doc electronic items lists up to date - see E1707276. This included opening all the LVDT drivers to check that they had the original cards - BS, SR3 and SRM did, but SR2 had both input cards new. We let AEL know.

    • Hirata-san helped Furuta-san with floor repair.
    • Fabian changed the PR3 thermometer battery.
    • Mirapro installed a bellows on the -Y side of SR3.

To-Do Lists, Schedule

Plan for week of 12/17

  • Final alignment of SRM payload, plus BF and SF GAS.
  • (Time permitting) unlocking/centering/tuning of IP.
  • Installation of Enomoto-kun's beam target on SRM (if available).
  • Installation/testing of F0 steppers on SR2, SR3, SRM, and (hopefully) final vertical height adjustment.
  • Installation of viewports on SRM.

Plan for week of 12/24

  • Most of team on holidays - no Kamioka work.

Vacation/Etc Info

  • Mark: 12/24 - 1/4.
  • Hirata-san: 12/24 - 1/4.
  • Fabian: TBD but similar.
  • Enzo: TBD but similar.
  • Mark and Enzo: KAGRA International Workshop in Perugia, 2/14-16.

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