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==== Report for the week of 2/18 (February 18th) ==== ==== Report for the week of 2/18 ====
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 * Debug SRM geophones.
 * Setup SRM and SR3 LEN OLs (low priority).

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Report for the week of 2/18

  • On Friday and Saturday last week the pump down of the central area took place. We monitored the drift in the four Type B IPs.
  • During the week we recovered the four suspensions successfully: we recovered the alignment of IMs, GAS filters, IPs, oplevs and measured TFs.
  • Terrence, Enzo and Mark installed the length sensing components in SR2 oplev. It's working now and we should use it now to measure the optic's corresponding TF.
  • The SRM IM is still drifting but the speed is decreasing. Yesterday Thursday the speed was -81 nrad/min. With the aim of predicting when the drift may stop Terrece removed offsets from the time series segments and spliced them in order. The work is still on progress.

  • Terrence did more work in changing the real-time models.
  • Mark did some initial debugging on the stepper reset system, starting with SRM. However there seems to be some model-related problem. A BIO Checker Board gave sensible results for the low 32 bits of DIO card #0 (used for the TM LPCD) but nothing for the high 32 bits (used for steppers, and eventually also the WD). He added the stepper reset stuff to the circuit diagram (D1503660) and made other corrections.

Plan for week of 2/25

  • Mark from Tuesday.
  • Enzo from Monday lunchtime.
  • Continue debugging stepper reset system.
  • Continue monitoring SRM yaw drift.
  • Install new RTMs and Guardian.
  • Debug SRM geophones.
  • Setup SRM and SR3 LEN OLs (low priority).
  • Work on Type B paper.

Vacation/Travel Info

  • Enzo vacation, 3/5 and possibly 3/6.
  • Enzo et al. Farewell Party, 3/7.
  • Enzo at JPS then final vacation, 3/13-29
  • Terrence's last day, 3/29.

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