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 * Install/test hardware watchdogs.

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Type B (Mark)

Report for the week of 3/4

  • On Monday, Mark helped Aso-san with PR3, and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Fabian helped Fujii-kun with PRM.
  • Mark and Terrence attempted to offload some BS IM/IRM yaw adjustments that had been done by Enomoto-san last Friday. They rezeroed the OL and then opened the tank lid and did a compensating adjustment to the F0 yaw stepper, then undid the IM/IRM yaw with the pico. However this did not have the desired effect, probably because the buoyancy correction had not been cancelled when Enomoto-san was working and the BF keystone was very high, with the IM-V OSEMs way too far in and possibly touching. We did our best to back out all the adjustments but the roll TFs were still messy and there were signs that the IM was not free in yaw (the IM/IRM Y varied oppositely to IP Y, indicating that the IMR was free and the IM wasn't). We ended up deciding to have Mirapro remove the ducts on the ±X sides of the tank so we could go in and inspect.
  • Terrence tuned the SR3 LEN OL to be free of yaw cross-coupling.
  • Terrence and Enzo did a full set of filters and a Guardian for SR2 and SR3.
  • Terrence did health checks on SR2 and SR3.
  • Enzo measured mode Qs on SR2.

Plan for week of 3/11

  • Mark at Kamioka full week.
  • Enzo at Kamioka Mon, Tue, then JPS.
  • Hirata-san at Kamioka from Monday lunchtime through Friday.
  • Fix BS.
  • Final test of stepper remote enable system (someone in cleanroom checks the lights go on/off).
  • Continue monitoring SRM yaw drift.
  • More mode Q measurements.
  • Work on Type B paper.

Vacation/Travel Info

  • Enzo at JPS then final vacation, 3/13-29
  • Terrence's last day, 3/29.

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